About Marital-Bless


These are always so awkward. [cringe]

I'm Leah.

You're reading my blog.

Clearly you're intrigued or confused, one of the two, by the babble you've been reading, so you came to read a little explanation about the girl responsible for the mess of words.

I'm really good at messes, both virtual and actual, just ask my husband. I'm really trying to tell you sometimes my mouth, er fingers, get me in trouble and I'm not a great housekeeper.

Speaking of the husband, his name is Tony. But if we're texting, please understand I might accidentally type Tonya nd I, Tiny or Yony. I don't call him any of these things though. We married August 5th, 2006 and are nowhere near newlyweds anymore, but just as in love as ever. It's hard to believe, but we met online when my profile was included in a spam email that Tony received. I now believe God can work miracles through spam, but not the ones that try to convince you that they're selling a miraculous product! ;)

We do not have a perfect marriage. Far from it! Thus the title of this blog. Marital bliss can be short lived, but perpetually being blessed by my marriage is something that I can choose to recognize and act upon.

Speaking of being blessed, we are the amazingly fortunate parents of not one, but two sons. Our first born, Isaac came into this world at 39w on April 26, 2009. My life was forever changed by him. I never knew the depth of love one could have for their children and so began my desire to be a stay at home mom.

Being available to my children by working at home is still the cry of my heart and that of Tony too, so in the fall of 2009, I began a photography business. Towards that end, Tony and I are Dave Ramsey folks, in that it is our family plan to eradicate debt from our lives. By lowering our expenses and living within our means, it is our plan to get me home, at some point in the future. In the mean time, we make sacrifices [like no cable or central air conditioning, since it crapped out last summer] and live on a budget, while we burn both ends of short stick by each of us working full time, a photography business and Tony refereeing high school and college hockey.

Unfortunately, our plan requires some time and couldn't happen before the birth of our second son, Ezra, who joined our family June 26, 2011. He, remarkably, was also born exactly at 39w, the 26th, in an even month of an odd year, and a Sunday. Isaac just adores his little brother in an incredible way! It literally can make my heart hurt with fullness to watch them together. I know that the future will probably include wrestling matches and potentially a few black eyes, but I can't wait to see their relationship unfold. 

As I previously alluded to, this blog can be a mess.

More often that not, I resort to pictures, because I fall short of accurately articulating without photographic support.

You'll find a lot of personal thoughts and opinions, with full disclosure.

I don't know how to write without being completely honest.

And for topics of that honesty, aside from my family, I will write about my faith. I am a born again Christian and with Tony, strive to raise a Christian family. As most people do, my hobbies tend to ebb and flow, but I have been found to run on occasion, enjoy creating a delicious meal, spend time crafting, knocking people over on the soccer field and spending entirely too much time online finding the next something to do or try.

I'm so glad you're here.


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