The Pond

Sunday, March 12, 2017

When we first looked at our house, 3 years ago, I fell in love with the immense amount of sunlight that flooded through the main living space. It was Tony who was drawn to the back of the room to actually look at what was beyond the windows bathing us in natural light.

And with barely contained glee, he said, "It's a pond!"

My heart sunk just a little, as I weighed the impact. A pond. What a gigantic drowning risk to take on, just on the other side of our fence.

My husband on the other hand jumped to one thought and one thought only, hockey.

Each winter since we moved in has brought more and more enjoyment, which is easy considering two winters ago Miri wouldn't even let you put her down in snow without melting down.

I love that our children will have fond childhood memories of the luxury of skating in their backyard, bringing the neighbors together and enjoying the slice of a blade through not quite perfect ice.


Kelsey said...

WHAAAAAAAAT?! Blog post?

Great pics--what a blessing to your family to have this activity together. :)

Sarah said...

Sounds like the perfect property for you all! I am so glad to read a bit of an update! Thanks for sharing. Blessings to your family.

Amy.williams said...

Loved the new blog post! I almost thought I clicked on the wrong blog :) I am so happy y'all are enjoying your property! Blessings

KathyL said...

Love this so much, glad you are doing well!

Mohammed and Aimee said...

Glad all is well!

NinaMeyers said...

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Keith F. Mount said...

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Unknown said...

Looks fun! I am very happy that you are doing good.


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