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Thursday, December 3, 2015

For awhile, I felt like my last post was so aptly titled that it would be the perfect post to walk away from . . . but, I don't think I'll ever be able to completely walk away. This blog is incomplete now. It is no longer a great reflection of our lives, capturing little moments, but it still has value.

Today Amy asked if it's my photographer's mind that remembers photos that I use for comparisons. I answered that I didn't know why, but after thinking about it today, I believe through blogging I've remembered photos more over the years because I wrote the story of the photos.

In October we went to the apple orchard and I had no intention of getting Isaac to recreate a photo I took when he was 18 months old, but all of the sudden, he was doing the exact same mannerism. Pulling the photos next to each other makes my heart skip a beat. Five years.


Write to Simplicity said...

Yeah! Welcome back :)

T&C said...

I have been reading blog from the beginning. I would love to see you come back!

Julie S. said...

I was just thinking the other day how much I missed your writing! That picture comparison is so sweet.


Oh, the children must be getting so big now!

Bianca said...

Hello! I found your blog when I was pregnant with my first, and am now halfway along with #2! Got the idea to do a gender reveal announcement thanks to your blog. I periodically come back in, but thought you may have stopped blogging with 4 kids and a career. Welcome back if you are back, thanks for checking in if you're not :)

Shonagh G said...

At least your boy likes apples)
As for the topic: my daughter amazes me with sudden showups of character here and there. And I tend to agree with top essay writers that yes, we can bring them up, instilling values and habits, but with their personality they are born and it cannot be changed.

Sophie Grace said...

I have been reading blog from the beginning. I would love to see you come back! unblocked games


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