Ezra John is Three

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Oh wait, it's not June. Not even close, but after viewing some old blog posts with Isaac, I was reminded why I was committed to updating this blog for such a long time. It's my time vault. It's a treasure trove. And it needs to continue.

So, here's Ezra's birthday from June.

We had a family birthday party again and were so grateful for the additional space of our new house, as it was raining! There was no way we'd have been able to fit everyone into our old house.

Look at my baby boy's little remaining baby face. He's grown up so much since this!

For some reason, that I'll doubt we'll ever know. Ezra was obsessed with this watermelon ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. He didn't even know there were plastic ants on it until we went to order it.

One night before a session, I got the crazy idea to get the kids dressed up and bring them to my session to grab a few shots beforehand. The light was gorgeous . . . but the mosquitoes were awful! I shot fast, contacted my client and we actually did their session at another location.
June 2014-3

Ezra is still my sweet, silly goofy boy.
June 2014-4

Those eyes!
June 2014-7

He has this ability to be constantly amazed at life.
June 2014-9

And is such a sweetheart.
June 2014-10

We don't know how he picked it up, but daily he'll say "Mama, you're beautiful." expecting me in turn to either tell him he's handsome or a sweetheart. I mean melt my heart into a full puddle.

He absolutely adores Isaac, unless he's beating on him. Thicker than thieves these two.
June 2014-15

He's still the spitting image of Tony, which I'm obsessed about.
June 2014-31

Love you sweet boy!
June 2014-57


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