Isaac is a Kindergartner

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Naomi was born at 3:49am.

Tony left the hospital at 6:00am.

He went home and got Isaac ready for Kindergarten.

I had so many thoughts I envisioned I'd write about Isaac starting school and none of them involved a sister being born the same day.

I can't even describe the depth of emotions I felt, but just based on the simple facts, I'm pretty sure any mother can imagine. I welcomed my last baby the very day that I sent my first baby out into the world.

As much as I wasn't ready to birth Naomi, I also wasn't ready to let the world at Isaac.

They were both painful, but I'm so grateful for God's grace in strength in both.

Because Nomi was born quickly, and easily, just like I prayed.

And Isaac was able to walk into school, with Tony at his side, just like we prayed.

I wasn't there, but Tony facetimed the whole thing with me, with a nurse, an aide and a pediatrician getting more than they bargained for, walking in to find me bawling on the phone.



Ashley said...

And NOW I am BAWLING. You are so Strong. GO ISAAC!

In With the Light said...

Oh mama this brought tears to my eyes!! So bitter sweet that you have you new baby but are missing his special moment. Love and hugs!

Melanie said...

And I teared up just seeing that Facetime screenshot. You are an awesome mama.

Meggie said...

Bless your mama heart! That made me tear up! My oldest started Kindergarten this year too so I can only imagine the emotions you experienced. *Hugs*

AJ said...

I love this picture each time I see it. Now I want to know what pedi it was. Dr. Cress? He's ours.

Julie S. said...

This totally made me cry. Girl, God was totally with you that day as you went through the emotions of ALL of that! What a story.


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