Summer Membership at the Y

Thursday, July 24, 2014

So, it's really dumb, but two of the biggest reasons my week was so hard last week was due to missing the Y on account of children being sick and limited communication with my best friend (@ginazeidler), who was you know, occupied having a fresh newborn.
Somewhere near the beginning of May, I got it into my head that I needed to check out our area YMCA. We were never members of the Y growing up and Tony and I haven't belonged to a gym since shortly after we got married. At that time, there was pretty much only one option, Lifetime Fitness and we paid about $200/month for our membership. Given that context, while I know that there are 24 hour gyms available for less than $30/month, I was floored to find out that a summer membership at the Y was only $280. Done. Flat rate. Including the pool. The workout classes. And, most importantly to this treadmill and dumbbell owning mama, who still can't manage to get a workout in at home: 2 hours of childcare.

I was positively giddy with the decision to sign up, and honestly, I haven't felt let down.

I was not working out, between 2 trips to Mexico and Hawaii, any of my endurance or strength that had clung on was gone, so I swallowed my pride and started at the bottom up.

After a few weeks of jogging my body's memory of what it felt like to consistently work out again, I started lifting again.

I found an app called Body Pumping that has a simple and quick option to choose between 5+ lifting programs specific to either men or women. I started using this app, having set lifting days, and at least 35 minutes of cardio, for 2-3 additional weeks.

And then, just at the end of June, I started the Les Mills Body Pump classes at the Y.

And it has been amazing.

I can't even tell you how much I love it and my strength has absolutely returned, even if it's not clearly evident in visible muscle, as I'm not dieting or burning too much through cardio.

I try to keep to my schedule with dedicated lifting days, but man alive, as I've written in my weekly updates, my energy just dropped the last few weeks, so I do accommodate based on energy level.

Monday: Cardio and Shoulders
- I'm still trying to run as much as possible and can eek out a 12:00min mile for 2, before going to walk run intervals
- Power partials, front dumbbell raise, reverse fly, shoulder press & upward row

Tuesday: Body Pump followed by Chest & Triceps
- Bench press, incline bench press, skull crushers, triceps cable pushdown, tricep dumbbell kick back, dumbbell fly

Wednesday: Cardio and Legs (I once did legs on Friday before a wedding, never again)
- Machine leg extensions & hamstring curls, lunges, squats, deadlifts and one-legged cable kickbacks

Thursday: Body Pump followed by Back & Biceps
- Wide-grip lat pulldowns, barbell row, curls, hammer curls and good mornings

Friday: Hard cardio.

Saturday: Shoot a wedding.

Sunday: Recover from said wedding.

Unfortunately the summer membership does end at the end of August, so we'll have to decide what to do from there. I'm absolutely leaning towards jumping in for a membership, as I'd love to keep going instead of losing steam 3 weeks before my due date.


Faith said...

That's so cool that they have a summer membership option! I'll have to share that with ours. I love seeing what other Ys do.

W said...

I haven't been to the gym in months and I am so not pregnant. And have one less kid than you. You rock.

Meredith said...

I have been *so* tempted to join the local YMCA for all the reasons you mentioned...and haven't only because the nearest one is more than 30 minutes away, and I just don't know if I'd really head into town that often. I've never tried a Body Pump class, but man do I ever miss spin!

George said...

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