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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

There are so many points of entry for this blog post, so many thoughts that haven't been conveyed, posts that should be written between my lackluster attempt to even post a weekly baby bump update.

I miss blogging. So much.

So how to explain what a whirlwind these past 4 weeks have been, but especially the week between leaving for Hawaii to shoot a wedding and finding myself in the same ultrasound waiting room I have visited 4 times.

Time stood still in first tri, mainly as I struggled with the weight and pain of the emotions I felt to be unexpectedly pregnant, but it's as if I blinked and we were at our ultrasound (despite how many times I've written about dying to know the sex).

That said, I toyed with the idea of finding out the sex prior to the anatomy scan. I finally decided against it, as truly, the most important thing is to confirm the health of the baby, which we wouldn't have, in the least.

While I loved both Ezra's reveal and Miri's reveal for different reasons, I figured with three kids 5 and under that simplified and straight forward would be the best. I came across Amanda Rydell on instagram, saw her lovely paper pinwheels and went with it!

Tony and I wondered if Joan, our ultrasound tech, would remember us from Miri's fiasco of an ultrasound, and thought for sure she would have somehow flagged our account, but she seemed completely oblivious. She greeted us warmly and joked that she wouldn't shut up throughout the scan. I told her that I much preferred it that way, as I knew she only was quiet when there was an issue.

Thankfully, she didn't stop her chatter the entire time and grew increasingly happy, as Baby Bonus was the most cooperative of all of our babes in utero and she flew through all of the measurements. We even got this sweet profile of the little love.
BABY ONN MAY 9, 2014_7

And suddenly, we were done and on our way to my appointment with Fern, with a healthy report on our surprise baby.

Fern quickly confirmed the heartbeat, told me I was a "perfect" patient, and then I told her about my weight gain due to traveling to Mexico twice and Hawaii the week prior. I don't think she'll call me a perfect patient again, but she was very glad to hear my traveling is done for the year! Next up, we picked up the kids from my inlaws, where Miri had developed a croupy cough and both she and Ezra were due for naps. Tony was upset about how much work he was missing, as he'd only banked so much time and is out of vacation, and combined with the weather, I knew pictures were going to be a miracle to get much from.

We forged ahead though and even though I'm telling Tony, Gina, Kendra and Bethany how annoyed I am with him . . . we managed to have a great time finding out that our Baby Bonus is another sweet girl!


Isaac never wavered in his saying it would be a girl. Not once. I thought it would be really special for him to find out first, by having the girls open the envelope and giving him the correct pinwheel while we had our eyes closed.

I love the smile on his face as he went to run to us, unfortunately the wind blew the pinwheel a bit though and he slowed to a walk.

I love how Ezra is looking the entire time, but didn't say a word!

We decided to count to three to open our eyes.

And it took us a second for our eyes to gather the color information we were seeing!

While I originally thought it was another girl, based on my "girl" symptoms, especially that I had a migraine with Miri and this baby, over the past two weeks I noticed that I was subconsciously referring the baby as a boy in my internal dialogue with the little one. Tony experienced the same shift, so as you can tell, we were both shocked to open our eyes and see the girl pinwheel!

Aside from screaming, all I could say to Isaac was "You were right!" He, for the most part, had no reaction and asked to then go play on the playground. In hindsight, I really wish we'd just put the pinwheel in his hand, also with his eyes closed, as I missed his reaction, but it was still super sweet.

While on the playground Isaac kept telling Bethany, "I"m so happy I was right." She finally sent him running back to us to tell us and that's when we got to see more of a reaction from him!

Who would have thought, from a boy mama to two of each.

And here's the video of our reaction!

We're so blessed to have four healthy children, regardless of their sex, but feel especially joyful that God gave Isaac the desire of his heart for a sister for his sister.


Danielle Lyn said...

Awww... I love it! Such a sweet reveal!

Unknown said...

So beautiful! I love all of your reactions - your son is so adorable and sweet to want a sister for his sister. And I have to say…sisters are the best :)

Roksalanna said...

It's so lovely that you have the moment when you found out preserved in photos. I think it's very special that you'll be able to show your little girl in future years how happy you were that she would be joining your family. The looks on your faces just speak of your joy. Beautiful photos and glad everything went well. xo

Julie S. said...

Adorable reveal! Hope you are feeling well, and I bet Isaac is still on cloud 9!

Erin said...

I so love your little family! Another sweet reveal, so happy for you guys. :)

Henry really wanted a sister, too, and I'm so very happy for him that he's getting his wish!


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