Tuesday, May 27, 2014

- We're almost a week into our first membership at the Y and I can already tell that it beyond the money for us. I know it's no coincidence that the summer membership coincides with school being out for the summer, but my goodness, it just really is perfect timing.

The kids love going to their Kids Stuff area, and while Tony and I haven't managed to get there at the the same time, we've both consistently gone since we signed up last Thursday. I started logging about 5 miles of walking (1 over my lunch break and 4 at home) when I was pregnant with Miri, but that was during hockey season and slow season for photography, so I'd spend 1 1/2 hours at night on the treadmill . . . which is clearly not the case now. I'm really hoping that I build some strength before I get too late in this pregnancy to help me survive my wedding season.


- This weekend was definitely different for us. There was none of the excitement of a three day weekend free from work responsibilities, as I had a double header wedding weekend and Tony brought some extra projects home to get over time.

My weddings went amazingly and we got to enjoy a little bit of family time together on Monday. We'd planned on taking the kids to the Y to go in the pool, but we mismanaged our time, got out the door a little late and showed up when they were closed. As a plan B we ended up at the Lakes Beach and Isaac declared it was even better!

- My porch is starting to feel a little bit more like what I envisioned when we first bought our house. Rocking chairs, potted plants and I found some galvanized steel planters for the railings. Tony had to screw them to the porch, but I absolutely love them! I'm not a huge fan of the dead space spanning all of the rock in the front, but we can do something with that over time.

For now I have yellow begonias, goldilocks, white begonias and white moss roses in the planters. They are so cheerful! I can't wait for them to fill in.

- Isaac graduated from preschool last Thursday and I have to admit, I was totally emotional about it. I always remember easily making fun of preschool/kindergarten/5th /8th grade graduations growing up . . . but when it's your child about to transition to that next stage of school, I appreciate being able to take the time to recognize it!

- Miri has been such a character lately. It's so crazy to me how literally on the day of their birthday I am able to watch my kids change. For Miri it has been the development of very strong feelings. We've seen insane fits and uncontrollable laughter, trying to comfort a crying brother and demanding food/drink.
We definitely do not have boring children, that's for darn sure!


Lori! said...

Where are you getting all of these cute skirts?! You look great!

Ashley said...

I'm in love with how your porch is turning out! That's definitely going to be my favorite outdoor space in our new home! Love this post!! And Miri's adorable little beach legs ;)

Meredith said...

I LOVED the Y growing up! The nearest one now is a 30 Minute drive, which I know is not a lot if you're used to living in the city, but it feels really far to a country girl like me! So, we haven't done it yet, but I feel like if there were one a bit closer we'd use the heck out of it!

Your porch looks amazing, by the way!

Melanie said...

You are so incredibly photogenic, Leah!

Joi said...

I love your new home, Leah!

Joi said...
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Unknown said...

I've seen some major emotions since my son turned 1 too - im seriously so scared of the "terrible twos" with him...I have a feeling his tantrums will be epic :/
I love your front porch so much! A farmers porch is one of my must haves for our next house :)


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