Miriam Joy is One

Thursday, May 15, 2014

This is, oh, you know, about a month over due . . . but better late than never, eh?

Continuing with the tradition we established with Isaac, we combined Miri's dedication with her birthday celebration. I'm so grateful to have such great friends at church, one of whom shot these photos for us.


It was so amazing to be surrounded by our family and friends while she was anointed with oil and we dedicated ourselves to raising her to know God and develop her own personal relationship with Jesus.

Afterwards, everyone came on back to our house and we were able to have a wonderful party for Miri, within the comfort of our own home . . . which has never happened before!

She clearly approved of her cake smash!

She had just a bit of help getting into her presents.

But caught on quite quickly.

She was completely loved on by her family.

And even got her first babies and play crib.

It was such a wonderful day!


as said...

She's a gem and cannot wait to see what this next blessing will look like - could be her exact opposite twin or a mini me :) Can't imagine how lucky she is going be to have a baby sister and how close their bond will be.

yours truly, melissa said...

What a doll! And I love the decorations that I can see in your photos. Too cute :)

Our little girl turned one last week and it was so fun to celebrate her with our family.

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, she is so precious! What a special day :) I especially love how much she enjoyed that cake - my kind of girl!

Unknown said...

I love Miri's headband... where did you find it??

Unknown said...

So adorable!


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