23 weeks | Baby Bonus

Friday, May 23, 2014

How far along: 23 weeks. [23w with Miri, 23w with Ezra, 23w with Isaac

How big is baby: A grapefruit at 10.5 – 11.8 inches and 12.7 oz.

Weight gain/loss: I started my 2nd Advocare challenge to hopefully help with steadying out this weight gain, and I'm happy to say that I've rebounded from my Mexico and Hawaii travels. I'm at a 12lb gain now, which will hopefully be half of my total.

Sleep: I've been waking up with leg cramps almost nightly again, so I'll either be adding in bananas to my smoothies or resuming my consumption of coconut water, which worked like a charm for me with Miri!

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: I've been doing great, but no where near as stringent with paleo as I got with Miri. Only three days into my Advocare challenge and we started at the Y yesterday!

Movement: Absolutely confirmed. Movement almost every hour.

What I'm loving: Knowing that my baby is healthy! And another girl!

Symptoms: Other than my rapidly expanding belly, some baby movement and irritability . . . none. I feel like every pregnant woman is hating me right now, but I feel nothing. 

What I'm looking forward to: Honestly, I'm really looking forward to a lot of my Mom friends being done with school for the summer and for consistent nice weather!
Best moment of the week:
Isaac graduated from preschool, but that's a whole post in itself!

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