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Friday, May 16, 2014

How far along: 22 weeks. [22w with Miri, 22w with Ezra, 22w with Isaac
How big is baby: A large papaya, around 11" long.

Weight gain/loss: Holding steady at 11lbs.

Stretch marks: Miraculously none.

Sleep: Miri has started to sleep better again! Such a praise!

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: I've been doing really well this past week and I'm so excited to start my 2nd 24 Day Advocare Challenge [specifically for pregnant women]. To boot, we're going to sign up for a summer family membership to the Y, which means I can work out every day if I want, with childcare!

Movement: Absolutely confirmed. Movement almost every hour.

What I'm loving: Knowing that my baby is healthy! And another girl!

Symptoms: Other than my rapidly expanding belly, some baby movement and irritability . . . none. I feel like every pregnant woman is hating me right now, but I feel nothing. 

What I'm looking forward to: I've got a decently full weekend, but no weddings and I'm so looking forward to being with my family!
Best moment of the week: Meeting AJ's newest little one! I got the text that her water broke around 11:00pm last night and was at the hospital around 1:00am. We weren't sure how fast she was going to progress, so we both went with erring on the safe side . . . which unfortunately backfired a little. That said, AJ was able to still have a relatively fast labor, faster transition, water birth like a champion and Fern was on call, so pretty much, it was perfect.

Making the drive, I was flooded with anxiety and just fear, that I'm not ready to have another baby. That I already felt like my strength for a med-free birth with Miri was wavering and questioning how I'd be able to have another med-free birth when I hadn't had enough time to forget the last one! But, as AJ labored I took so much encouragement and walked away absolutely jealous of the sweet bundle she was cuddling in her arms. It was so amazing and unexpected for me!

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