Happy first birthday, Miriam Joy!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It's hard for me to even put into words how amazing it has been to be your mama, sweet Miri. The tumultuous feelings of always wanting three boys, to desiring a daughter (the posts are there, for anyone who still thinks I was hoping for our 3rd son and disappointed to have a daughter), to then being overwhelmed and a bit scared to actually be expecting a daughter, all of these emotions have slowly just faded away into the beautiful normalcy of you, in our family.

Your entrance into the world was not as I imagined, but it didn't matter when I held you in my arms.

I had no idea what beauty your face would hold, but I was captivated by it and your full head of hair.

After playing the guessing game of when you'd arrive, it was absolutely surreal to just sit, and be, and have you with us.

You had everyone absolutely wrapped around your tiny little fingers from the very beginning, including your doting brothers.

I have to admit, the full head of hair threw me for a loop, and the accessories that went with it, but the rest of you? But those were just mild hiccups. I loved on you with my entire being.

You absolutely enchanted us.

You have the absolute face of an angel.

And when you started to smile? It.was.over.

I tried to take as many pictures of you as possible!

And some months I was very successful.

I mean, very successful.

You slept well, ate well and had the sweetest disposition.

You started crawling around 6 months, just like your brothers.

We bought a new house and you were the first baby to have your own room. 393A9436

You started climbing the stairs at 7 months, also just like your brothers. 1399362_705720425231_505063183_o

And I started taking less and less pictures of you the more you moved, also just like your brothers. 393A9324

But that didn't mean they still didn't happen, sometimes. 393A9093

You started walking about a month before your birthday and have only gained confidence!

We'll never know why we were blessed with you, but we're so grateful you're ours. 393A3278

You truly are our joy.


Kier said...

Absolutely stunning, beautiful, adorable and everything else.

Miss your face, friend. Hopefully we can connect in MN soon!

Unknown said...

Such a little doll, she is! That hair! Today is my son's 1st birthday as well :) And we had a boy after 2 girls…and oddly enough, I always sort of wanted 3 little girls, so I was shocked when we found out we were having a little boy. But now I can't imagine it any other way :) Happy birthday to your daughter!

Julia Goolia said...

What a year, what a beautiful and loved little girl. Such a ride!

Erin said...

A whole year already, wow. She was simply breathtaking right from the start, like ridiculously so. You are incredibly blessed!! Happy birthday sweet girl!

Molly said...

She is just precious! What an angel :)

David said...

Very pretty little girl but I really dislike all the hair accessories. All I see is a ridiculously oversized bow and not her beautiful face.

leah @maritalbless said...

David, your comments are not welcome.

leah @maritalbless said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kate @ Daffodils said...

What a beautiful girl! Happy Birthday!

'HoulaMom said...

She's such a joy to see in pictures! What an awesome blessing. Happy birthday Miri!

yours truly, melissa said...

What a beautiful girl you have! And so much hair!!! :) Happy first birthday to her! Our first, also a little girl, will be one in one month. Crazy!!

Roksalanna said...

Happy Birthday Miri! Have lots of fun being a 1 year old especially when your new baby brother or baby sister arrives!

Unknown said...

She is so beautiful!

Joi said...

She's just a beauty!


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