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Sunday, April 27, 2014

How far along: 19 weeks. [19w with Miri, 19w with Ezra, 19w with Isaac]

How big is baby: Baby is around 6" now and the size of a mango.

Weight gain/loss: Good thing I thought 6 lbs was gross last week, because I gained 3 and up to 9 lbs now.

Stretch marks: Miraculously none.

Sleep: Neither good nor bad. Miri didn't continue her sleeping through the night habits.

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Everything that always sounds good to me sounds good. This pregnancy has really been pretty tame compared to the cravings and aversions brought with the past pregnancies. I've been trying to stay paleo, but man, dairy seems to work it's way into everything. I'm trying to amp up my green smoothie consumption.

Movement: I'm pretty certain I've been feeling this babe popping! 

What I'm loving: Running! I got in two outdoor runs this week and they felt amazing.

Symptoms: Other than my rapidly expanding belly, some baby movement and irritability . . . none. I feel like every pregnant woman is hating me right now, but I feel nothing. 

What I'm looking forward to: It is honest to goodness killing me that I won't be seeing our little one this week, knowing that I could have! I am on major countdown to May 9th for our ultrasound now . . . although I suppose, my first trip to Hawaii should be something to look forward to as well! ;)

Best moment of the week: I'm going to go with Easter! We had another rough week and the boys literally haven't had a single piece of candy since Easter, but it was a wonderful weekend filled with family.

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Unknown said...

My pregnancies are always over the top with ridiculous symptoms, but I wouldn't wish them upon anyone. It's hard enough just being pregnant, let alone mothering 3 kids will growing another one, so I hope you continue to feel great! Enjoy your Hawaii trip…sooooo jealous! Can't wait to see pictures though :)


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