17 weeks | Baby Bonus

Friday, April 11, 2014

How far along: 17 weeks. [17w with Miri, 17w with Ezra, 17w with Isaac]

How big is baby: Baby is around 5" now and around the size of an onion.

Weight gain/loss: Well, I bit the bullet and I'm up 4 lbs. My MW would like me to gain similar to Miri due to my barely losing any weight after her, so we'll see how that goes.

Stretch marks: Miraculously none.

Sleep: Miri has slept through the night the last three nights, which is an all time record for her. I'm loving it!

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Everything that always sounds good to me sounds good. This pregnancy has really been pretty tame compared to the cravings and aversions brought with the past pregnancies.

Movement: None. I can not wait to start feeling movement and to confirm that this baby is healthy! I will willingly say that I really need to know what this little one is to begin to bond, so very similarly to when I was pregnant with Isaac.

What I'm loving: How excited my boys are for the "new baby." I love that it isn't coerced or a topic we have to constantly bring up to them. They're just genuinely excited.

Symptoms: And here I thought my boobs didn't hurt at all with Miri, but surprisingly, I'm reading that they hurt with her late, like they've been hurting this time too.

What I'm looking forward to: Miri's dedication and birthday party this weekend!

Best moment of the week: Isaac overheard me saying to Tony, "It's a girl!" regarding my friend Erin's gender reveal and Isaac excitedly turned around, face full of happiness "You mean I was right?! It's a girl?!" He specifically and independently prayed for a girl the week that this surprise was conceived and wants a sister for Miri so badly. If for no other reason, which it's not ;), I'm hoping this little one is also a girl, so that Isaac is right!


LisaJ said...

Is something going on with pictures on your site? I was catching up on older posts and the pictures don't seem to be loading....not sure if it is just my computer. Congratulations on Baby Bonus!

Unknown said...

You look great! Doesn't it just feel like everyone is pregnant? Maybe because I am, I am noticing it. But I just love it!


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