16 weeks | Baby Bonus

Sunday, April 6, 2014

How far along: 16 weeks. [16w with Miri, 16w with Ezra, 16w with Isaac

How big is baby: Baby is around 4 1/2" now and around the size of an avocado, which I'm very familiar with.

Weight gain/loss: It's funny how I've closely monitored my weight gain over the past three pregnancies, only to this time pretty much say screw it, since I was still 11 lbs up.

Stretch marks: Miraculously none.

Sleep: I've had a really hard time sleeping since we got home. I definitely need a new pillow, but additionally, we're also looking at a new mattress, as we've had ours for 8 years and prior to that it was my Mom and Stepdads for 12. 

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Everything that always sounds good to me sounds good. This pregnancy has really been pretty tame compared to the cravings and aversions brought with the past pregnancies.

Movement: None. I can not wait to start feeling movement and to confirm that this baby is healthy! I will willingly say that I really need to know what this little one is to begin to bond, so very similarly to when I was pregnant with Isaac.

What I'm loving: This week could bring 70F to Minnesota! The kids are excited about Spring and so am I.

Symptoms: I've been very exhausted, so much for the 2nd tri energy this time.

What I'm looking forward to: My appointment on Monday and afterwards being able to schedule the anatomy scan! I tried to call and schedule it already, knowing that I'll be 20w May 2nd, but unfortunately too many people have abused the opportunity and once the ultrasound orders were in, they called to make it for 17-18w. I just want a date to look forward to! Also, shooting Miri's one year session with Gina on Thursday!

Best moment of the week: I'm going to go with waking up the boys at 11:30 to bring them home from my Mom's when we came home from Mexico and that they talked to me the whole ride home.

As you can see above, we're going with Baby Bonus! Although not as endearing as Bless, Love & Sweets, it still is positive and connotes that this baby is indeed a special add on. 


Kristal said...

Love Baby Bonus. Perfect name!

DianeTaylor said...

That is perfect - love your choice! And holycrap I cannot believe Miri will be one. Where has the time gone?

Julie S. said...

It is perfect. And there is no WAY that Miri is going to be ONE!

Molly said...

Haha, baby bonus! I love it! Miri is going to be one already?! Ahhh, slow down time!

Roksalanna said...

Baby Bonus Great choice!

yours truly, melissa said...

Oh I like what you're doing here! Same dress, same pose...!


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