The Best Parenting Advice

Friday, March 7, 2014

The best parenting advice I have received over the years, may not have even been intended as I received it. In fact, it festered and simmered for quite awhile before I digested it and a found the beautiful gem it really was.

It's quite simple.

If they are crying, you know they're still alive.

It's so crude and coarse upon first look and when it was spoken by someone I held in very low regard,  I couldn't help but feel like it couldn't be meant well.

As a first time mom, I'm not sure I would have understood, but it's just as important to hear for mother's of one or on the way.

There will be times when the sound of your baby's cry can make you absolutely twitchy, whether you are dealing with post partum depression or just run of the mill sleep depression.

But, the important part is that, while their cry signals a need to be met, it does in fact reaffirm they.are.alive.

Sometimes that reminder is just simple enough to readjust your attitude for a day, a week or five minutes.

It's just as true when it isn't your baby, but a toddler or a preschooler who has experienced a close call. If they're crying, you can be thankful they're still alive.

I'm experienced enough to know that in the depths of those first few newborn weeks, this reminder might not even be enough to cause gratefulness or a pause of the heart, but for all those who can no longer say the same, I hope it will.


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