15 weeks | Baby #4

Friday, March 28, 2014

How far along: 15 weeks. [15w with Miri, 15w with Ezra, 15w with Isaac

How big is baby: Baby is around 4" now and around the size of a big apple.

Weight gain/loss: No scale in Mexico! :)

Stretch marks: Miraculously none.

Sleep: We're sleeping in a King size bed at the resort here and it is soooo in our future! I'm loving it.

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: I'm trying to eat as best I can while here, but the selection is limited. To that extent, I'm also trying to not think about the things that I want to eat. 

Movement: None. I can't believe I thought I might be feeling flutters at 15w with Miri! Hopefully soon.

What I'm loving: Um, being in Mexico. 

Symptoms: Pretty symptom free right now. I'm dying to feel movement!

What I'm looking forward to: I miss my kids insanely crazy. I can't wait to get home to see them!

Best moment of the week: I think it will be today. I've been looking forward to shooting this wedding through every bitterly cold Minnesota day!

I'm still really struggling with trying to come up with a similar nickname to Baby Bless, Baby Love & Baby Sweets. 


Lori! said...

Baby Joy?

Looking good!

Julie S. said...

baby Grace? simply because of your post about how conflicted you were at first. Love this photo!

Cassandra Louise said...

Totally with Lori on this one, right when I saw this picture I said to myself "Aww look at that baby joy bump." That is my vote:)

Linnea said...

Ahh! Congratulations on your fourth little one! Many blessings to you :)

I second a vote for "Baby Grace."

Roksalanna said...

Mexico sounds lovely!

Baby Hugs
Baby Happy
Baby Glad
Baby Trust
Baby Smile
Baby Promise
Baby Cherish

Just a few ideas!

Kristal said...

YES to a king size bed. We have one here in Africa. Divine.

I like Baby Trust, suggested above. But I also loved Baby Surprise, regardless of the baby doll. :)

ashavenue said...

Baby surprise or Baby smile are my picks. Congrats again!

King size bed... Do it! Get a Jameson, similar to Temperpedic. Ahhh !

Claudia said...

Baby joy!

caro said...

How about something synonymous to surprise, like Baby Amaze? :) You (and Mexico) look fab, by the way!

DianeTaylor said...

Baby Hope? I also love Baby joy via Claudia.

DianeTaylor said...

Oh - I just read more of the suggestions - I love Baby Grace too!!! I can't decide!

yours truly, melissa said...

I'm pregnant for the second time and I pretty much insisted on a king size bed. It's a huge improvement!


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