Miri | Ten Months

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I'm so sorry baby girl, but your monthly updates got a little off course when I misplaced your 8 month chalkboard picture. So stupid, but it bothered me to no end that I couldn't find it, so I thought I'd just keep looking . . . until you were 9 months old and then, well then what was I supposed to do? So trivial and yet, what a small bit of pride to sacrifice that I'd screwed up.

That said, we're picking up at 10 months, because well, I've sacrificed a lot of my pride at this point! Hah!

You're putting more and more sounds together, although da-da-da is definitely preferred. In addition, you're working on your gross motor skills, just today taking yourself from sitting to standing unassisted. I'm not ready for my baby to start walking. This year has just flown by, so fast.


Gina Horkey said...

So beautiful!! She looks like a little girl already:-( How does time keep speeding by?

maria said...

She is the cutest little thing!!

Rida said...

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