Coming into his own

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Just prior to having Miri, I wrote a post about losing my identity as a boy mama. The post seemed to alienate some, and confuse others, but overall the actuality was, thankfully, very similar to my concern for Isaac when expecting Ezra, and ended up being a moot point. 

The biggest casualty was simple the phrase 'both boys," which was a term that our friends and family, as well and Tony and I used frequently within span of just one day. How silly is that? A whole post about a concern that pretty much faded into thin air.

The secondary point was that I was slightly concerned for Ezra to be the middle child. He was, and still remains to some degree, my little mama's boy, with the absolute most tender heart.

I'm so happy to say, when I'm not pulling my hair out, that Ezra is in no danger of falling into the stereotypes of a middle child. This boy will not let himself be forgotten or overshadowed. In some regards he seems to have retained his sweet as sugar attitude and yet picked up every play from Isaac's first-born play book.


This boy is and will be the charmer. He already thinks he can work me over by softly putting his hand to my cheek and with the most sincerity that a 2 1/2 year old can muster says "Mama, you're beautiful."

Additionally, I love that while there has been some family resemblance, Isaac and Ezra have appeared as polar opposites since infancy, until this picture. He looks so much like Isaac!

Miri | Ten Months

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I'm so sorry baby girl, but your monthly updates got a little off course when I misplaced your 8 month chalkboard picture. So stupid, but it bothered me to no end that I couldn't find it, so I thought I'd just keep looking . . . until you were 9 months old and then, well then what was I supposed to do? So trivial and yet, what a small bit of pride to sacrifice that I'd screwed up.

That said, we're picking up at 10 months, because well, I've sacrificed a lot of my pride at this point! Hah!

You're putting more and more sounds together, although da-da-da is definitely preferred. In addition, you're working on your gross motor skills, just today taking yourself from sitting to standing unassisted. I'm not ready for my baby to start walking. This year has just flown by, so fast.

This Winter

Thursday, February 6, 2014

I love to be home with my family. It has been an amazing opportunity.

But gall dang it, this winter might break us.

We haven't seen a winter like this in 30 years in Minnesota.

Thirty years.

Isaac is trying to convince me that it's "warm" out on days that he reads it's above zero on the news.

We've been avoiding all indoor play places, because somehow, somehow, I've decided that my sanity is worth our health. And really, I do think that is the right choice.

I'm so thankful that we do have the space of this house, because the boys are able to do races in the living room and when I'm really desperate, stuffed animal fights in their room.

I feel this blog's relevancy completely slipping through my fingers, as I've long said my ability to document and faithfully photograph was solidly embedded in the fact that I worked away from home. Now that I'm here, our days are so much the same and I forget so much when they're not.

Today my parenting was stellar and included such gems as "Ezra! Get up and get him back! Use two pillows this time."

We will survive. I think.

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