Finding our footing.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I know it's only Tuesday, but this week feels good. I've been trying to recall all that I learned while I was on maternity leave last year.

One thing that was major for me was having a decent schedule in place. Unfortunately the weather has done anything but make me want to leave the house, so as of yet that hadn't happened.

Two things to start my week out right were to focus on cleaning the house on Monday and going grocery shopping on Tuesday. Grocery shopping isn't happening today, but thankfully we have enough goods to last us a few more days, even though I normally buy for the week.

Yesterday I was able to give us a solid foundation for the week with vacuuming, sweeping, cleaning the bathrooms and getting some loads of laundry done.

Yes, it honestly is that simple for me, but to be brutally honest, these simple chores have been all but forgotten in the life that was before.

I love being able to find balance, one slight adjustment at a time.


Meredith said...

I know just what you mean --I need to get us back on a more strict schedule during the week too... and DESPERATELY need a house deep clean! The two go hand in hand for me for sure!

bekah said...

I totally chafe at strict schedules, BUT I have found that having a cleaning schedule makes a WORLD of difference for me. Otherwise I feel totally overwhelmed by the whole house at once (in which case I do nothing).

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