Monday, December 2, 2013

If you follow me on IG, you know that we had our last goodbye at our old house this weekend, with the final push before handing over the keys today. While we were there, Tony had the boys come on inside so that he could rearrange the vehicles in the driveway. Isaac starting whining as soon as he got in the house that he wanted to watch his Daddy, when in mid whine, he stopped and said "Oh yeah!" And off like a rocket, I found him peering out the window . . . just like I had a 1,000 times previously. It's a memory I hope I will always endear of this house.

Even though hockey season is upon us, Tony and I are very hopeful that with the Mounds View house work put behind us that we'll be able to enjoy more time as a family, resulting in more new memories in our new house!

ps :: 16 days to go.

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bekah said...

It will always be such a sweet place for your memories. I am sure he will remember it too. Jack has memories of the house we moved from when he was only two and a half - which breaks my heart but also makes me so happy. I loved that little place.


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