Three Things

Thursday, October 3, 2013

To be completely honest, I'm starting this post with only two things identified to share, but two things is hardly a list, so fingers crossed I come up with one more!

Three Things I'm Loving
1). A few weeks ago, I was gearing up for my only double wedding of the season [with two amazing brides] and you'd have thought I was prepping for the championship game. I game planned. I psyched myself up. I prayed, a lot. And I asked my friends and family to pray with me as well.

Fully owning that it wasn't exactly spiritually uplifting, Bethany text me the link to listen to Roar, which I'd never listened to, and I was hooked. It was precisely the song I needed on repeat. And, I've listened to it every wedding day since.

2). Love Does by Bob Goff. Gina was pretty much obsessed with the Biblical truths in this book last year and for whatever reason, I missed the train and chose to not read it at that time. Through the randomness that happens on IG my friend Katie suggested that I read The Emotionally Healthy Woman, but it wasn't available through kindle. In the right mind to read, Love Does popped into my head as an option, and my word. It has just been blowing me away. Read it my friends, just read it.
3). Next year we will absolutely, positively be taking a vacation, with all the kids. Any thoughts on a destination within driving distance of the Twin Cities? The carwash will not suffice next year.

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themurrayfamily said...

Have you been to Dubuque? We go once every few years and did it last fall with all three kids. The river is fun to see the locks and they have parks galore! Enjoy your planning!

Bri said...

I went to college in Dubuque, and my son was born there; so of course I have an add-on to your first comment! Dubuque is very family-friendly and driveable from here. But might I also recommend Galena, IL? Galena is about 15 minutes away from Dubuque on Highway 20, and it is hands down one of my favorite places on the planet.

Erin said...

Growing up in South Dakota, my family's summer trip was always the Black Hills. We took Lauren and Colin there last year and they LOVED it! We saw Mount Rushmore, Wall Drug, Custer State Park, Bear Country USA, and swam in the hotel pool. We are planning to go again this May (before school gets out and hotel prices skyrocket).

Meredith said...

I like "Roar", but I like "Brave" (by Sara Barasellis) better ;)

Lukesmommy25 said...

How about Wisconsin Dells? We live in Illinois and love going there. We even took an extra three hour trip and went to Minneapolis while we were up there for two days. So it probably about three hours from you! It is a great trip for young families.

AJ said...

Okoboji? I considered it once when I saw a friend's pics on FB. It's in Iowa but looked almost...tropical?

Joi said...

Your images are so crisp! I love them! Teach a class someday...please???? ;-)


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