This is Thirty

Monday, October 21, 2013

 and secretly, I think I like it.

Yesterday was full of laughter, stress, tears, happy feet, chocolate, coffee, friends, family, wine, candle lights on the porch and a very content heart. It wasn't perfect. It started way too early and escalated way too quickly, but our little family life is pretty much amazing.

As I approached my 30th birthday, I grew apprehensive and a little, almost, offended [if that even makes sense] I think, to be done with my 20's. I can't pinpoint why, but in the last week or so before my birthday, my feelings towards the year softened. As a friend wrote on my instagram, it's the end of the decade of my babies, but also the years that I found love, married and established a career. I don't know what the next decade looks like, but I know it has a pretty firm foundation of awesome to improve upon.

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Emily @ imperfect said...

Happy Birthday, Leah! Great outlook on your next decade - I'll file it away for next year when I'm {likely} done having babies and embracing a new decade.


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