The Fontaine's Are Home

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

On March 30, 2007, Tony and I, short of our first anniversary, moved into a 1120 sq ft, 2 bedroom, 1 bath 1 1/2 story house. Our little Mounds View house, with it's almost one acre yard, saw 1 dog, three cats, 4 pregnancies and welcomed three precious little ones home.

But, something remarkable happened over the weekend.

On Oct 11, 2013, Tony and I, just past 7 years of marriage, moved our little family several miles from all the conveniences of our centrally located home and gained, this.
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I can't lie and say that it's been without worry or downright fear. Our consistent prayer throughout the process was that regardless of how badly we wanted to be here, that we knew it wouldn't be worth it if God wasn't with us.

There were so many little things that led to this purchase though, that while we haven't worked all the kinks out yet, we feel confident that He intended this home for us.

It all started after searching for homes to rent. We knew that our time in our Mounds View home was dwindling and assumed that after 4 years of paying down debt, that the wisest thing for us to do would be to rent our house to rent a larger home. Unfortunately we couldn't find anything reasonable. We were working with Tony's cousin, who is a realtor, and asked that he put together a list of homes. The first day we received the list, our home was on it.

The list of must haves for a home to be considered was pretty short on my end, but they were extremely specific.
1). An abundance of natural light, preferably via North to South orientation.
2). A porch
3). At least 4 bedrooms.

This home had all of my hoped for must haves, so Tony and I contacted Brian to see when we could go see it. Brian said sure thing, but that it'd have to wait until he returned home from a two-week trip. While Tony and I hadn't been in the buying market for long, our friends have been, and in hearing that we'd have to hold for two weeks, we knew the house would be as good as gone. So, we asked if we could see it that night. I already had a wedding consult scheduled, so Tony picked up the kids and met Brian there ahead of me.

Let me tell you friends, do not ever, ever, go house shopping with your kids in tow. Clearly, this is common sense, but I will say, my advice isn't stemming from the resulting disobedience or distraction . . . it was because as soon as I set foot in the house, I was bowled over by an undeniable sense that I.was.home.

The boys were giddy as they ran and jumped and climbed and the sounds filled the house to the brim with such joy as I walked through each sun soaked room.

I cried at least three times.

The asking price was more than what we'd been pre-approved for and we found out that they were in negotiations with someone else. After talking it over and praying about it, we knew that we had to offer the extent of our pre-approval. We figured it was just to feel good about giving it our best shot. So that instead of looking back and wishing for something we didn't even try for, we could say that it just couldn't have worked out.

Except, the very next day, our bank owned home [so we'd been prepared to wait at least a week] accepted our offer.

We were stunned.

Our Mounds View house wasn't in any condition to rent, I was just coming up on busy season and it didn't make any sense at all and yet, we knew God had set the ball in motion.

And He continued it's trajectory, until we ended up here, where the Fontaine's are home, in a beautiful 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom, modified split, with open floor plan & three car garage.
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ps :: We still don't have a renter for our Mounds View house, so prayers are definitely appreciated.
pps :: I have a dishwasher!
ppps :: More pictures will come when there aren't boxes everywhere. I had 13 sessions in the midst of moving, so I was a bad blogger and didn't take any prior to moving in.
pppps :: Tony and I have yet to get a picture in front of our house with a Sold sign! They didn't even put one up on our sign and then took the whole thing down.


Gina Horkey said...

Congrats! Did you move north? We live just north of Forest Lake. I swoon at your front porch!

BGH said...

This has to be so exciting for you!! Congratulations! I hope the unpacking process goes smoothly and I'm a huge fan of your porch.

Erin said...

So excited for you - I feel like we're living parallel lives right now since the last few months were a whirlwind of unexpected moving for us too, and our first homes were so similar right down to no dishwasher AND we are both now in modified splits :) (Although you are out in the COUNTRY - BUT, I am across the street from cornfields! ;) AND we also didn't take a pic in front of the sold sign! My realtor did say you can just get the actual "Sold" part of the sign and hold it up though, just an idea :)

Brooke said...

Beautiful home!! Congrats to you all:)

Jill said...
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Jill said...

That's such great news, Leah! I'm so happy for you and that porch... wow! I'm so very excited for you! Can't wait to see how it all comes together!

Kim said...

So happy for you!!!

Jeannie said...

Just amazing!!!! I cannot wait to see more pictures of your beautiful home!

Meredith said...

We never got a "sold" picture either--the for sale sign was gone before we closed!

Now, on to the real stuff. This made me tear up for real. Amazing, all of it.

Bekah said...

So so so excited for all of you! I one it's been on your heart for years and I'm so glad you waited for the right time and house!!

DianeTaylor said...

I knew this post would make me cry before I even started reading it. I was right. Pass the tissues please. God is so good! I thank him for the gift of your beautiful new home, it looks amazing!

Unknown said...

Congratulations! What a great feeling. So many memories to come in your new home!

Julia Goolia said...

Yay, a blog post with details! So happy for you guys, lady. Congrats!!

Meagan said...

I'm so so happy for you guys! May God bless you in your new home! And I'm praying you find a renter!

Anonymous said...

Love it!!

I am so happy for you. I think you should make a big, gigantic meal & dirty enough dishes so that you can run your dishwasher. :)

I've never had to live without one, I definitely take it for granted!

Congratulations, Fontaine Family.

JMMarden said...

Seriously, I'm dying over that porch!! So so happy for ya'll :)

Jen said...

Are you still looking for renters? My SIL and her boyfriend are looking for a place in thi s area.

Julie S. said...

Congratulations! SO so thrilled that God had these plans just waiting for you! :)

Kristin said...

I'm super excited for you guys and can't wait to hear more about the new place! My husband and I own our home and were interested in renting it out and purchasing a new, bigger home for our growing family. We were told a while ago that it took TONS of money for down payment and lots of money in savings...etc. Of which would take us YEARS to come up with. Anyways, I was wondering if things had changed now? Was it easy to get a second mortgage? I hope it's not too personal. I"m just so hopeful we could do something similar!

W said...

Congratulations! What a lovely home. LOVE the porch. Can't wait to see more pics. God is good.

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