Thursday, September 26, 2013

From the day Isaac turned three to the day he turned four, was a very long year. It's absolutely astounding how dramatic the change was on each birthday and for awhile we enjoyed a bit of a respite with Isaac.

Unfortunately, the older he is the smarter he has decided he is and now he very carefully considers our instructions, but more often than not discards them for his own choices.

The other night, I asked him to stop bouncing a ball through out the house [bad mom, I know, so cruel]. When he looked me square in the eye and continued to bounce it, I took it from him and told him it would then be thrown away.

Breaking my heart he yelled at me "I'm mad at you! I'm mad at you forever."

On the one hand, I'm relieved those are the extent of the words he used, but on the other, I understood the depth of his frustration and wonder what he would have said, if he had other hurtful words in his vocabulary.

Parenting is such a trip.


Linnea said...

It sounds like you're doing a great job, mama! He will continue to test you, but part of what makes him feel so confident is the security and boundaries you provide for him. He knows you love him, and I'm sure he loves you. Oh, it's a difficult stage! You'll make it through. Keep holding on to the promises - that you will be given the strength to do what it is that God has set before you.

Gina Horkey said...

I think it's interesting to see how "challenging" personality traits in childhood often become their greatest strengths in adulthood...for example his tenacity now=challenge, but later on in life as he pursues others for Christ=strength. Perspective...

Thanks for sharing:-)

Erin said...

It sure is.

Last night at the dinner table Henry said to me "I don't want you to be my mom anymore" when I told him we didn't have time to go the park.

Of course, five minutes later he loved me again. Silly, dramatic, irrational children.


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