Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Just collecting my thoughts for these few sentences will prove rough, mainly because I've lost my ever loving mind. I used to have a pretty solid vocabulary, which has only turned into a million words that now taunt me. In the middle of a sentence I'll panic, because I know that the word I'm coming upon speaking out loud isn't there. The idea I want to convey is, but the word itself just remains on the tip of my tongue.

Wedding consults have been really comical, so long as the couple I'm meeting with has a sense of humor. The few that haven't have left me feeling like a complete idiot. I really hope that with adding hours back into my life and gaining a little bit more sleep as Miri grows will give me a bit of normalcy back. I'm not ready for this scatter-brained persona to the thirty year old version of me.


Gina Horkey said...

I'm totally there too! Ughh...makes for some interesting client meeting's for me too! It gets better, right? Hang in there!

Rose said...

You are not alone! :o) I notice mine gets worse the later the day goes on....it is like I am not even speaking English and I start even slurring words together! It is embarrassing for sure. :o) Hang in there!

lcurtis said...

Wait till your 53. My dad always says it gets worse, just wait. I thought he was crazy and rude. But, to be honest, he was being truthful and in a way preparing me in his own way. More so though prompting me to enjoy my life right where I was and the blessings more than the challenges. Take it in stride and continue todo your best. The busier you are the faster life goes and the more difficult for your brain to keep up. Slow down, ask God to calm your heart and mind and He will answer your prayers.


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