Matter of Survival

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

This year will undoubtedly be my fewest posts yet. It makes me unbelievably sad to know that I've let too many memories to count slip through the cracks. Too often I look back through the archives of this blog and discover a story, quote, picture, or all of the above, that had completely vanished from my memory.

I keep telling myself that I'm going to do better.

That I'm going to hop right back onto this blogging horse, that I've ridden for 6 years now  [woah], but it just hasn't happened. Worse yet, I'm not even continuing the pace with instagram. These days are just flying by, without much meat to them.

It's hard to remember the days when not much is happening but survival.

Since starting my photography business, I've heard at least once a week, "I don't know how you do it." With a laugh, I always say that I don't know either.

And I really don't know.

This year, it's only too clear that something must change. There is no feasible way that I could continue to work full time, run my business, mother three children and somewhere in there live a life of meaning as a wife and Christian.

I'm treading water, but that's not the life God intended for me, or our family.

Every year I try to learn something from the current wedding season to implement a positive change for the next wedding season. With this in mind, I've framed my wedding season into two chunks, with a summer and fall season, leaving three weekends open in August. Or, I should say, leaving three Saturday's without a wedding. This past weekend was my first weekend "off," and I somehow threw in two three hour newborn sessions, a 6 month session and a birth. I'm so thankful these babies were all born when they were!

Next year I'll be stressed about my kids being crazy and needing a break from them, hah! There's just this one last hurrah of wedding season 2013 to put past me/us.  

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Adinda said...

I blog not for others but to keep a count of things. I just had my FIRST (yes only 1 kid) baby 6 months ago and I'm barely treading water. My last entry was right before my son was born. Yep you read that right, I'm so much drowning that I can't even keep up on monthly blogs posts and I'm not trying to start a business! So from 1 new mom to another mom, you are rocking it lady! Don't be so hard on yourself! Love your blog and hopefully will get caught up on reading soon! =-)


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