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Thursday, August 8, 2013

This was our first date after Miri. We both know they need to happen more frequently! Thank you for never letting me go a minute of our marriage without letting me know your love, @fontainenine. You're a good 'un. #borrowedmymomsconvertible #messyhairdont

Tony and I went out on our first date since Miri was born, on Monday, to celebrate our anniversary. Prior to her birth, I can't even remember our last date the two of us, so it was well over due.

To surprise me, Tony borrowed my Mom's convertible and we made our way down to Lake Minnetonka, thankfully avoiding most of rush hour, to just enjoy the drive. We had a great meal and eventually found ourselves talking about our ex's and what we would do if anything happened to our children.

Not your average anniversary conversation fodder.

While there are several ex boyfriends/girlfriends in our past, for each of us there is one significant one. Mine is getting married, soon, I think. I guess I don't know when exactly and for some reason has been on my mind lately. Tony's ex expressed to him a concern that if they continued their relationship, they'd end up divorced, just like her parents . . . and has since, found herself divorced, just like her parents. These two relationships occurred at almost the same time in our lives and what we found so shockingly simple and true, was that we can't remember what specifically was good about them. We don't remember what made us good couples at the time, other than just at the base enjoying the other person. We don't remember many conversations, activities or really anything.

There was something entirely refreshing to acknowledge that.

It gave all the more power another simple acknowledgement, that Tony and I do life well together.

So often, I take our relationship for granted. So often.

I don't love Tony any less when I do, but I absolutely take for granted just how special it is to truly have a committed partner to face all that life has to throw at us. But more than that, what I wrote on Monday, that Tony has never once acted in a way that has made me doubt his love for me.

Yes, we absolutely get in ruts and doing life gets extremely repetitive, but we have each other to do it with and that makes all the difference.


Hudson and Paxton said...

I absolutely love and admire your honesty.

Julie S. said...

Love this. Happy Anniversary!


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