Three Day Weekends

Monday, July 29, 2013

Enjoying the small thrills in life with our boys! The Fair was a huge bust, as its barely a shadow of what it was while I was growing up. They enjoyed this trailer though. #joysofboys
I can't even put into words how necessary these three day weekends have been. Let alone allowing me a little bit of free time with my family, it's an extra nap time to get work done! Compared to last year, when I was a down right bear during busy season, I feel like I actually have some resemblance of balance, although Tony might disagree.

Yes, balance, that word often murmured with hushed tones and awestruck reverence. I'm not saying I've achieved it yet, especially seeing as how it's a moving target, but it seems attainable and that in itself is a victory.

I honestly plan to take every Friday off from here until the end of time. Well, at least my time at Capella.


Murdock's mama said...

I work Monday - Thursday as well. Best.Thing.Ever! Glad you squeezing everything you can from excited for you!

Stacey B. said...

That is the best idea ever!

We're thinking of trying for a second now, and along with planning for 12 weeks at home from the very beginning, I'm going to see about setting aside enough vacation days to do this for as long as possible!

Thank you! :)

Meredith said...

Yes! Justin has had Fridays off for a few months because they've been working four 10 hour days and IT IS AWESOME.
Unfortunately, he has to work through the weekend this weekend and may or may not even get to come home, and to say that I'm pissed (not at him, at the situation and the idea of 11 days of solo parenting) is a gross understatement!

DianeTaylor said...

Since I work for the government I have often contemplated the 4 10-a-day work week, since half the time I work 10 hours or more anyway!!! But for some odd reason I haven't signed up to do it yet. Having Fridays off is awesome, especially when you have such a sweet family to spend that extra time with :):)

ashavenue said...

Good for you!!


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