Milk Machine, I'm not

Thursday, July 11, 2013

One of the many aspects of my maternity leave that I thoroughly enjoyed was getting into a routine and figuring out that life with three kids didn't automatically subject us to a life of chaos. Just the knowledge that time expectations and errands could be met was extremely satisfying to me! Due to setting these expectations, most days I was able to get all three kids down for an afternoon nap at the same time, which is when I then got to work out.

I started with the 30 Day Shred, but when it got scratched to the point that only Level 2 played, I moved on to Jillian Michaels Get Ripped in 30. My history with workout videos isn't great, at all. My two favorite methods of weight loss are running and lifting weights. I haven't been to a gym in 7 years [jeez, 7 years!], so it's been awhile since I've been able to lift heavy weights, but I still think of it fondly. Thankfully the GR30 was a little different for me. The moves weren't so aerobic that I couldn't use heavier weights and I did start to see muscle definition. The scale however didn't budge. Actually, that's not true, it did. It went up!

I'm currently just 5 lbs under the weight I was going to the hospital. Which means I have 17 lbs and some change to go to return to my pre-regnancy weight.

Upon returning to work though, this no longer matters, as I'm not even putting out 10 oz a day. I forgot how much I have to fight in the early months to establish my supply while pumping!

So, right now, bring on the elastic waistbands and More Milk Plus supplements, fill up the Camelbak and give me some oatmeal, because this lady needs to increase her supply!
I'll give you onnnnnnnnnnnne guess which view I'd rather have! #workingmamawoes #pumpingmama #bringonthepancakes #becauseIvegotthesyrupsmell


Murdock's mama said...

I have some Fenugrek left over from my nursing attempt {I just don't produce} with Cullyn {April 19th}. Would you use them if I sent them, or does that totally freak you out coming from a blog reader? I just hate to throw them away!

Sara McCarty said...

I think working out definitely messes with your supply. I noticed a big decrease when I started getting more active. Although I was a milk machine. Man, is it ever hard to run with giant milk-filled knockers! Keep pumping away, mama! You're doing great.

W said...

I'm just now catching up on your blog (we had our babies around the same time in April). Miriam is GORGEOUS. The hair! I can't get over it. And she's got your dimples :) Blessings to you all.

Emily @ imperfect said...

The WORST part for me about being an out of the house working mom (okay, aside from the leaving my baby part) was the breast milk output comparisons I felt like I was constantly surrounded by and made me feel like I was providing an inadequate amount. Hang in there! Miri is growing perfectly, and you're an awesome mama. But yes, bring on the oatmeal!

Randine said...

Dont sweat the increase in weight. Sometimes you can do that with workout changes. If all you have done is running for quite sometime and then you move to something else then your body gain retain some water...and you could be gaining some muscle though, you usually dont gain much if you have a deficit.

Anyway, I wish you wouldnt worry so much about weight. You are doing so amazing and everything will come into place. I promise!

Julia Goolia said...

The sacrifices we make, huh? NOT fun but kudos to putting your milk supply above your weight loss. Both will come around, i'm sure! HATE pumping, but it's always so worth it. Even when it's the worst;)


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