Three Day Weekends

Monday, July 29, 2013

Enjoying the small thrills in life with our boys! The Fair was a huge bust, as its barely a shadow of what it was while I was growing up. They enjoyed this trailer though. #joysofboys
I can't even put into words how necessary these three day weekends have been. Let alone allowing me a little bit of free time with my family, it's an extra nap time to get work done! Compared to last year, when I was a down right bear during busy season, I feel like I actually have some resemblance of balance, although Tony might disagree.

Yes, balance, that word often murmured with hushed tones and awestruck reverence. I'm not saying I've achieved it yet, especially seeing as how it's a moving target, but it seems attainable and that in itself is a victory.

I honestly plan to take every Friday off from here until the end of time. Well, at least my time at Capella.

Everything Changes

Thursday, July 25, 2013

I think one of the hardest parts about rejoining the work force, is how that as a fall out of only being able to spend nights and weekends as a family, everything changes more quickly. Week nights go by in a blur, with the all the kids up for a few hours at most before heading off to bed. It's on the weekends that you finally get the time to take in what new phrases or concepts are being learned, or at Miri's age, basic skills.

I was so thrilled to be home when she rolled over for the first time! Isaac had just gotten up from his nap and was sitting in my lap. He was her biggest cheerleader and we sat and watched her, hoping to catch her do it again! We lucked out and she did!

My big little girl. Rolling over is just the beginning.

Miriam: Three Months

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Well, my dear dear daughter, you're already 1/4 of the way through your first year! Additionally, 3 months brought my return to work. You are still the sweetest little thing.

Your Daddy thought you slept way more than your brothers, but that's definitely changed in the last month. You've been very engaged and alert.

You're still rocking out some awesome hair and celebrated your first Father's Day. You might not know it yet, but you've got the best one ever. You'll see.

You aren't the biggest cuddler, at least not for me. So let me tell you, this nap, was glorious, because after I closed my eyes for this shot, we truly did nap!

You seem to have a similar temperament to Ezra, which honestly I'd have no qualms with. I love my Isaac, but his personality in a girl version, [shudder] I don't think I could handle it! There's enough time for defiance when you get older, much, much older.
@lovesoflife asked me #WIDN, so here I am with #mirijoy just after waking up from nursing. That smile, I die.
Speaking of your brothers, I had fun dressing you in a pair of hand-me-down overalls from them!

And, putting you in a dress that I wore when I just as little as you.
We entered into the world of "vintage Leah baby clothes" today. And I died from adorableness. Until #mirijoy spit up all over it, hah!

You bonded with your brothers, who still just dote on you!
"Mama! I got a smile! Mary smiled at me!"

And worked on tummy time, getting more and more lift!

You got to celebrate Ezra's birthday.

And seriously gave me some of the best smiles!

You celebrated your first 4th of July.

And then, before we knew it, I was back at work.
The reason I get up in the morning. No, literally she's the reason I get up.  Annnnnnnd why my sense of humor has dropped to ridiculous standards. #idonteventhinkitsfunnyanymore #ivetypedtoomuchnow #ihavetopostit #mirijoy

Happy 3 months sweet girl!
Today's date with Jillian Michaels was completely derailed by all three children, so the workout clothes proved an unnecessary choice today. That said, I majorly traded up from JM by getting some face time with my #mirijoy.

We're so glad you're in our family!

I have to admit.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The lack of blogging recently hasn't been entirely due to wedding season, two under two plus one or my return to work. Thanks to google alerts, which I set up years ago and never found to be much use for anything, I stumbled across some unkind words directly related to me.

They gave me major pause.

At first, I was enraged, then embarrassed, then just extremely hurt and sad, to be so misunderstood. Well, some things were misunderstood, others . . . I'm not sure why they even read if they dislike who I am as person so very much.

So I stepped away, blogging only the bare minimum.

Photo dump here.

Milestone post there.

The residual problem of slowing down my posts will only effect me in the future though. See, I don't have scheduled "content," I don't do guest bloggers to keep the traffic coming and I usually hit publish just as soon as the final period ends the sentence, because this blog from the beginning has always been for me. It's not a business or a brand. It's where I sort through my feelings, with the methodical tapping of keys. That's why I may contradict myself from one day to another, one year to another, because I'm not crafting a story, I'm sharing messy words of an imperfect woman.

I don't want to shirk from posting any longer, as the archives of this blog are absolutely treasured to me. I don't want the memories of this time in our lives as a new family of five to slowly disappear, as they will, if I don't write them down.
Fontaine Family Fun Day vol. 03 :: Sea Life at MOA. #fontainefive #F3Day

Milk Machine, I'm not

Thursday, July 11, 2013

One of the many aspects of my maternity leave that I thoroughly enjoyed was getting into a routine and figuring out that life with three kids didn't automatically subject us to a life of chaos. Just the knowledge that time expectations and errands could be met was extremely satisfying to me! Due to setting these expectations, most days I was able to get all three kids down for an afternoon nap at the same time, which is when I then got to work out.

I started with the 30 Day Shred, but when it got scratched to the point that only Level 2 played, I moved on to Jillian Michaels Get Ripped in 30. My history with workout videos isn't great, at all. My two favorite methods of weight loss are running and lifting weights. I haven't been to a gym in 7 years [jeez, 7 years!], so it's been awhile since I've been able to lift heavy weights, but I still think of it fondly. Thankfully the GR30 was a little different for me. The moves weren't so aerobic that I couldn't use heavier weights and I did start to see muscle definition. The scale however didn't budge. Actually, that's not true, it did. It went up!

I'm currently just 5 lbs under the weight I was going to the hospital. Which means I have 17 lbs and some change to go to return to my pre-regnancy weight.

Upon returning to work though, this no longer matters, as I'm not even putting out 10 oz a day. I forgot how much I have to fight in the early months to establish my supply while pumping!

So, right now, bring on the elastic waistbands and More Milk Plus supplements, fill up the Camelbak and give me some oatmeal, because this lady needs to increase her supply!
I'll give you onnnnnnnnnnnne guess which view I'd rather have! #workingmamawoes #pumpingmama #bringonthepancakes #becauseIvegotthesyrupsmell

Friday's Off

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

One of the best actions I took while on maternity leave, was to login to my work account and request off every Friday in July, some in August and all in September. The best part is, Tony took off the Friday's in July as well! Our 2nd Fontaine Family Fun Day was spent at Lake George on Friday the 5th.

Isaac's excitement from the previous day seemed to have caught on, because upon waking up he said "Mama, I'm so excited! It's the 5th of July!"

It was really windy on Friday, but Miri just stayed conked out in the car seat, while the boys had fun in the water and sand.

We've gone to this beach the past three years [2011 & 2012] and I just can't believe how much has changed in our family!

These boys are growing by leaps and bounds.

4th of July

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Celebrating Independence Day has long been one of my most favorite holidays and I've made it my goal that it's tied with Christmas for my family as well! How can a day filled with sunshine, fresh food, friends, family & fireworks be anything but great?

When we got to my Dad's I insisted on a family photo straight off the bat, because I knew there'd be no cooperation once my boys caught sight of the pool! Per the norm, we wore our red, white and blue.

I was wrong about the lack of cooperation though, because my Dad asked for a picture as well and Isaac cheerfully obliged . . . Ezra, not as much!

Considering she was awake and happy, Tony and I thought it was a great time to get Miri in the pool for the first time. Both boys had their first dip when they were around 3 months old too!

Unfortunately, she just wasn't a huge fan, even though the water was nice and warm!

She tolerated it for a little bit. Just a little bit.

But it turned out, I was just a little off in evaluating her schedule and little miss was quite tired.

While she napped, everyone else continued the party.

Ezra loved the option of being able to climb into this little pool, which had bath temperature water.

After her nap, Miriam had some awesome out of the pool, post bath hair.

From there we moved on to our favorite get together with friends!

The boys' favorite part? Water guns!

Isaac loved being able to run around and soak people.

While Ezra needed some assistance.

We never quite know who will be in attendance, but it's always good food and conversation.

After which, we headed back towards home for fireworks!

My Mom and Dusty went camping this year, so we did our traditional walk through the park, as opposed to sitting with the RV.

It was a fantastic 4th!

The Gig is Up

Monday, July 8, 2013

For the past 12 weeks, I have been living a trial run at what we hope our lives will be next summer. I've been there when my children have woken up, as well as when they've gone to sleep. I've been able to make special memories with them, as well as just sit in the stillness of a post nap cuddle.

I've been able to be there, in our home.

For the past 5 weeks, I traded one day of being out of the house working for 6 days at home. I've learned so much about myself in these past 5 weeks. I've made realizations that will hopefully translate to a better homelife next wedding season, you know, when I'm doing this full time [gulp].

Four years ago, I went back to work when Isaac was 7 weeks old. It was not a pretty scene. Growing up watching kids go to daycare and Moms go to work, I thought I understood how it worked. My expectations of motherhood however were wildly off base and I wasn't prepared, in the least, to return to work.  I latched onto the idea of a photography business and clung to it, desperately as my hope for a different life.

Four years later, with God's blessing and provisional hand, we're almost there.

Today is amazingly difficult, but I have faith.

The gig is up, for now.
Today, I nosh on the baby toes and remember how your shirt pulls up to show your belly because you found your hands and they need to be in your mouth, with or without your top included. Tomorrow, the gig is up. #workingmamawoes

Ezra's 2nd Birthday

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Just like we started with Isaac, Ezra woke up to a room filled with balloons. Isaac woke up first and seemed to wait patiently for Ezra to wake up, but he just couldn't take it for more than a minute or two and started shouting to wake him up. Watching from the video monitor, we got to see Isaac open his arms wide and exclaim "Happy Birthday Ezra!" So sweet! Most important to Ezra though, a Mickey Mouse balloon!

 Isaac then helped Ezra bring them out to the living room, where Isaac proceeded to tie them to everything he could.

And there was of course balloon fights!

We also had our traditional number pancake. :)

Ezra loved it, of course.

After breakfast, I brought Miriam and Isaac to my Mom's and went to do Ezra's birthday session. As I wrote on instagram, I was absolutely defeated before I even started. Ezra is 1000% worse about pictures than Isaac and pretty much refuses to look at me when I have a camera in my hand, let alone actually in position! I called Gina up on the way, to just ask her to pray and she suggested I redownload Talking Carl. These pictures wouldn't have happened without prayer and Talking Carl!

To me, they're straight up magic.

They absolutely capture my two year old Ezra.

Who was also bribed with mints.

And of course, I had to get the mama/birthday child shot.

Then, on Sunday we had a small party with family, in our backyard.

Ezra loved the Mickey plate.

And his ice cream cake!

But he especially loved us singing Happy Birthday to him.

Do you think he liked his present?

They are of course the loudest and most obnoxious toys ever.

He got a Rio card from his Aunt Kimmy and was so confused when it started singing. He had to flip it over.

Meanwhile, Miri was just working my Dad over.

Hello blue eyes!

It was a fantastic birthday week, celebrating my "baby" turning two!


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