Monday, June 3, 2013

On Saturday Tony cut out and installed an egress window. He dug out the whole last fall, so with the warmer weather, the resulting dirt pile was a magnet for the boys to play in. Now, I'm not one who is opposed to kids getting dirty, but filthy and dirty are two different things. And I didn't blame them one bit! Clearly the best place to play in our backyard would be this dirt pile!

So I did something I very rarely do, I dusted off my honey-do list. See my honey-do list barely even exists, as Tony has enough ideas and projects to accomplish around the house! With this one though, I needed that dirt pile gone! All I had to say on Thursday was "Soooo, what do you need to finish off that window?" and Tony got going on it immediately, by purchasing the window and consulting Saturday's forecast.

Thankfully the whole project went pretty smoothly and Tony was showered and relaxing on the couch by 10:00pm.  
Just a short 12 hours later and we've got a new window!  #DIY #handyhusband #myboysarecute
ps :: Doesn't Ezra look like Tony's carbon copy here?

With it being a successful DIY, the real story were the absolute treasures Tony unearthed while finishing the hole: toads. He found even more than the three that he gave Isaac, but thankfully thought better of giving Isaac too many.

Ezra tried smooshing them, so unfortunately he just follows Isaac around begging for a toad. Aside from that, back yard toad pets have been the highlight of our week! Isaac has shown them the entire backyard and excitedly ran up to me to say "I call them sweetheart! Because they're my sweethearts."

I have faint memories of life being so simple and joyful. I love being able to shape some of the same memories for Isaac.

Ultimately as an adult, he might not remember the summer when he was 4 and had toads as pets, but he might.

He might.


Katie said...

This last photo is precious. Love the framing, the frogs, and the pure happiness on his face. Too cute.

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

Seriously. That last photo is just the true picture of boyhood. Love it so much! Please frame it and put it in his room and then come take an identical one of my boys ;) Love it!

First Day of Rest said...
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Julia Goolia said...

Love that picture so much---many posts of yours to read tonight, you busy blogger, you! ;)


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