My Mojo

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I lost my mojo.

I don't just meaning my blogging mojo either.

To specify, I mean all of it.

I love the pattern our days were taking.

I felt very confident in finally filling the role of wife & mother.

Enter returning to my photographer role.

Everything has been a little bit of limbo for the last 4 weeks, since I shot my first session.

I'm not supposed to say that.

I'm supposed to say everything has continued on it's merry course.

But it hasn't.

This is when the real juggling begins.

Deciding what slides and what is to actually be accomplished, or let's be real, attempted.

I need my mojo back.

I forgot to put my name and addresses on it for return, but if you find it, kindly do so.

Because in just a month, I'll be adding my full time job back into the mix.

And the weddings, blessedly, keep coming!

Tony tells me that he believes in, but I know I'll need some prayer on my behalf!


Gina Horkey said...

Try to lean in & trust!

~Dawn~ said...

You can do it, Mama!

AJ said...

You'll get there :)


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