Miriam: Two Months

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Oh my goodness, this is pretty much just a photo dump . . . and two days late at that! Ms. Miri, I'm definitely trying my best to keep up with how many pictures I took of your brothers, but I'm falling far behind.

Thankfully, your Dad has been helping!

He insists that he's forgotten how, but I know better.

Your eyes are still blue.

Your brothers still adore you, even if they're more accustomed to your presence.

You attended your first wedding.

You went camping for the first time!

And slept most of the time.

Although there was some time for tummy time.

And adventures with Daddy.

We started to get a lot more smiles from you!

And you seem to have officially put your newborn clothes behind you. So bittersweet!

We've had fun trying on new 0-3 and 3 month outfits.

You started to chunk up a little bit, although your 2 month checkup isn't for another week for the official stats.

We've also decided that yellow is definitely a good color on you!

Although, that'll never stop me from dressing you in blue! Obviously.

Oh sweet baby girl, thank you for an amazing two months.



Lauren said...

her bows are adorable! and she is just gorgeous...I'm loving her sweet smiles!

Kim said...

She is gorgeous Leah!

Gina Horkey said...

I just can't get over that hair! <3

Courtney said...

She is just absolutely breathtaking. What a precious little one you have. I LOVED this update!

Randi said...

She is soo beautiful Leah!

Bekah said...

Sweet little thing! I cant get over how much she just looks like a GIRL. Its amazing to me! I guess I underestimated how different girl babies and boy babies really are!

Julia Goolia said...

I love her so much!!! Also, she is looking a lot like Ezra to me.

And you need a new 'Miriam' tab on your blog to the right when you have a free moment, dear;) HA!

AJ said...

Look at her armpit rolls :) I need to see this little lady and the big guys and you before you go back to work!

Julie S. said...

She is just the CUTEST!


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