Miri | 8 weeks

Friday, June 7, 2013


In the blink of an eye, my newborn is now 8 weeks old. Words seem to fail me, regularly and in speaking about my kids, it's no different. I love this sweet little thing an indescribable amount.

Tomorrow, I have my first wedding of the season. I've taken sessions to prepare for my return and have eased into the demands and workflow, but tomorrow means something different. I look forward to it so much, but I know it means my maternity leave has come to an end.

I'll always treasure this focused time that I've had to immerse myself in my children's lives, and especially to get to bond with my little miss.

What a wonderful 8 weeks it's been!


juliane2004 said...

I absolutely LOVE that comparison between the two photos. So similar, but now so much older!

Unknown said...

I love how similar her and the boys are, but that she is definitely is all girl. <3


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