Father's Day 2013/Tony's 32nd Birthday

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Last year they were rolled into one, this year, not so much, but I'm still going for the combo post!

We kept both days really low key [read: I didn't plan well enough at all and just did the bare minimum]. The gift that he didn't express he wanted, but I knew so well he longed for [hah!] was a picture of him with all three kids, so we tried for a few minutes after church.
This resulted in an absolutely hilarious and unfortunate photo bomb by Miri's foot . . . which inadvertently looks like a tiny penis. Tony's not as much of a fan of it as everyone else.

Seriously though, this man, as my husband is incredible. His capacity to love me, especially when I'm most unlovable, is so far without end. But as a father, he really is something else. Our children have the most amazing Dad, even if they don't know it yet.

Happy Father's Day and birthday, baby daddy. I love you.


Julie S. said...

So sweet!

Kelly Bartlett said...

So happy for your and your family.

Bwahaha about the photo-bomb... ;-)


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