Ezra: Two Years

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Oh my Ezra John, I can't believe that you'll be two years old tomorrow. It almost hurts my heart to look through your one year post. So many sweet memories, but so fast, so fast. You my sweet boy, my cuddle buddy, have changed so much in this past year!

You were just my little one year old!

But the rest of the summer flew by.

Flew by.

Flew by.

No matter what the situation, you were always our good sleeper!

Once you found your feet, you wanted to do everything Isaac did.

And much like him, your love for all things motorized grew exponentially!

You rarely go a minute without a little smile on your face.

And generally smile the most when you're getting down and dirty.
No really buddy, get a little dirty. #boymama #alildirtdonthurt #whoneedswatertoswim #toddler 
Also much like Isaac, you are obsessed with water.

As the 2nd boy, you wear a lot of hand me downs, but I swear I still dress you cute!

You enjoyed your first leaf pile, much to Daddy's dismay.

Uncle Levi and Aunt Bethany were super excited to have you as a ring bearer!

We learned too late how much you hate the cold.

But then, you kind of warmed up to it.

Had your first hair cut.
photo (1)

And first water park experience!

Proving once again, that you are definitely a water baby!

It needs to be said again and again, you have the most sweet spirit! And I just loved this shirt on you. Definitely a favorite, Laugh Out Loud is right.
#ezrajohn is the best medicine. Still feeling the ish from the 1 hr glucose test and waiting on results of family member, but he's making me smile.

Because really.

There were some big changes this year, like less room to cuddle with me.
Sometimes, I just don't even know what to say. He's just too much.  #ezrajohn loving on his baby sister.

And you moving into the crib . . . when most kids your age were transitioning to toddler beds!

You didn't really know what was going on with Miriam, but you loved on my belly!

Your relationship with your brother only continued to strengthen.

And then quite suddenly, you yourself were a big brother!

Since Miriam's arrival, you've shown us what a little stinker you can be.

But of course, we love you all the same.
My house sleeps, so it's just me and #ezrajohn cuddled on the couch watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. #whatacheeser #morningscallforBWfilters
I can't wait to watch your relationship with your sister grow, because you dote on her so.

Ezra John, we love you, so much.

Late Nights | Early Mornings

Monday, June 24, 2013

Don't stand a chance against this little girl and her smile when the sun comes out!
Little Miss #MiriJoy couldn't contain her smiles to be outside! Considering the coming forecast, we have to enjoy the sunshine while we have it.

Because for real.
And to just flood your feed f'real, here's one more of my sweet girl while the boys are napping! #mirijoy #bouffanthair

She's just too much!
She's just pure sunshine! #mirijoy #frontcamgetsthesmile

Father's Day 2013/Tony's 32nd Birthday

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Last year they were rolled into one, this year, not so much, but I'm still going for the combo post!

We kept both days really low key [read: I didn't plan well enough at all and just did the bare minimum]. The gift that he didn't express he wanted, but I knew so well he longed for [hah!] was a picture of him with all three kids, so we tried for a few minutes after church.
This resulted in an absolutely hilarious and unfortunate photo bomb by Miri's foot . . . which inadvertently looks like a tiny penis. Tony's not as much of a fan of it as everyone else.

Seriously though, this man, as my husband is incredible. His capacity to love me, especially when I'm most unlovable, is so far without end. But as a father, he really is something else. Our children have the most amazing Dad, even if they don't know it yet.

Happy Father's Day and birthday, baby daddy. I love you.

Miriam: Two Months

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Oh my goodness, this is pretty much just a photo dump . . . and two days late at that! Ms. Miri, I'm definitely trying my best to keep up with how many pictures I took of your brothers, but I'm falling far behind.

Thankfully, your Dad has been helping!

He insists that he's forgotten how, but I know better.

Your eyes are still blue.

Your brothers still adore you, even if they're more accustomed to your presence.

You attended your first wedding.

You went camping for the first time!

And slept most of the time.

Although there was some time for tummy time.

And adventures with Daddy.

We started to get a lot more smiles from you!

And you seem to have officially put your newborn clothes behind you. So bittersweet!

We've had fun trying on new 0-3 and 3 month outfits.

You started to chunk up a little bit, although your 2 month checkup isn't for another week for the official stats.

We've also decided that yellow is definitely a good color on you!

Although, that'll never stop me from dressing you in blue! Obviously.

Oh sweet baby girl, thank you for an amazing two months.


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