My Three

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Dear First Born
I've always loved you best because you made me a mama
. You made me recognize something inside myself that I denied existed. You were the genesis of motherhood and opened my capacity to love selflessly, more than marriage had initiated. You anchored us, as we embraced lean, meager months due to a recession, living past our means and resulting jobs changes and insecurity. You didn't complain about our $40 grocery budget and supplied the smiles when we wanted to. You are the original model for a mom and dad who are trying to work the bugs out. 

Dear Middle Born
I've always loved you the best because from your first breath you were familiar, yet new. You cried less, wore hand-me-downs and took a nuk. You were put in the swing a lot more than your brother, but in doing so helped us relax. From the very beginning, we could tell you were tender-hearted. Your spirit is sweet and you crave intimate moments. You validated us as parents, that we really could stretch our hearts to infinite limits. 

To My Baby
I've always loved you best because you undoubtedly prove that God's plan is better than our own. You scared me more than I was willing to admit, as I never desired to have a daughter. Your pages are laid before you completely blank and I can't wait to help you fill them.


Unknown said...

What a beautiful family and mama! Miri is such a GORGEOUS baby!!!! So blessed!

Jeannie said...

Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful... Everything about this; your words and most of all your kids. <3

LC said...

I wish I would write like you. Seriously, Leah. You are an amazing writer...always saying the words perfectly.

Randi said...

What a beautiful family!

Megan said...

This is beautiful!


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