Monday, May 6, 2013

I'm tired.

It's a good tired, but tired nonetheless.

Everyone always asks if Miri's a good baby. How she sleeps. How she eats.

Every time I'm asked, I forget these are the regular questions, because I rarely think about the answers. I've definitely taken for granted that she is a good baby, that she sleeps in fairly regular chunks of 3 hours at night and that she latched well from the beginning.

I have friends that spoke with extreme trepidation when I was pregnant with Miriam, about the logistics of three children and that absolute understanding that I would always be overwhelmed. It's probably for the best, but I didn't think about it that way when I was pregnant.

I'm tired, but at least 95% of the time, I'm also loving this.

There are periods of being overwhelmed, obviously, but they are short lived, thankfully.

At this point, with a preschooler, toddler and newborn, I think that the transition from 1-2 children was hardest. From 0-1 children was the biggest and 2-3 well, it's to be determined. I just remember 1-2 being the most difficult, when Tony and I were out and about a week after Ezra was born and Tony was so frustrated to have to constantly be "on." We were used to tag teaming Isaac and I was down for the count, being responsible for Ezra. There was no rest for Tony, no sharing time to socialize.

This time there have been situations where I asked Tony if he felt like the boys seemed to multiply when we are in public, because, seriously, they can just be all over the place! But really, we're loving this beginning to our family of five.

Somedays, I feel like supermom, when I take all three grocery shopping and leave the store without a scene! And others, like today when we went to the park and Isaac screamed at me, that I certainly don't.

I'm thoroughly enjoying this time at home though. I'm not caught up on editing personal photos and even got to shoot a newborn session already, but I'm essentially living life. After running a business, working full time and being a mother to first one son and then two, I barely knew how to handle myself in down moments. And then I remember, this is when the laundry gets done or the dishes, opposed to not having the time and daily tasks slip away into weekly or worse.

Felt a little bit like free entertainment at the mall, but I loved being able to just walk around as a family! #latergram #fontainefive #familyof5


Leslie G said...

That face of Isaac reminds me a lot of Cameron- a perfectly cheesy, squinty eyed smile. I love it! I'm glad to hear you are doing well, friend! I agree so much with Tony that out in public, your kids seem to multiply and that you are always "on". I never felt that way with Cameron but that is so true with Kylie- that girl is everywhere!

Rose said...

Girl, you are doing great!! :o)

It is so hard for us to judge ourselves by other perceptions and opinions...you are doing a great job. I am proud of you!

Love the family photo in the shopping mirror.

Erica said...

I love your positive attitude! So glad that you are able to look past the laundry and dishes and just cherish this time with your kiddos.

DianeTaylor said...

Sounds like you are totally enjoying this time at home - and that is a REALLY good thing. I imagine the view from your living room couch is exactly as you'd like it to be :)

Sarah Louise said...

I love this post. So real. I love hearing your perspective on how it is to go from one child to two! ;)

Erin Southwell said...

Oh my, that snapshot is one in a million. I feel the joy. Makes my heart ache for a third and my 2nd is only 7 months.


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