Camping '13

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Well, I think I can say that I've done it all now! First in '11 camping with a toddler, then while pregnant with Ezra and finally with a 6 week old!

Both Tony and I grew up camping in tents, so we always feel like we're not really camping with the RV available and us in the tent trailer. That said, I don't think with three kids under 4 that we could enjoy camping without their amenities. Plus, the boys love it.

Tony bought a huge bag of peanuts, so I was trying to teach Ezra how to deshell them.

The newlywed couple will only be joining us every other year, so we were happy to have them! Last year Levi was with us and Bethany was at her family's cabin. So glad to get their updated family picture doing something they both love.

We always have a BIG breakfast to start off with and this year was no different . . . except I had sweet potato hash and paleo banana/egg pancakes.

Tony has impressive pancake skills now.

We tried to keep the boys occupied with a puzzle, but Isaac woke up an absolute grump!

My Mom got these little camping cups for both boys and Ezra kept requesting more "coffee" aka water.

He was absolutely pleased as punch.

Isaac on the other hand, was still a little bear, even with a tickle fight.

Meanwhile, Ezra still loved his coffee.

Annnnnnnd Isaac continued to hate on the day, so he decided to ruin it for Ezra too.

Bethany referred to Ralph as Isaac's cousin and you better believe he told everyone at the campground who would listen that he had a cousin named Ralph.

I have a similar picture of Bethany holding Ezra . . . two years ago. Mind blown.

The worst picture of Miriam to date. I couldn't stop laughing at how terrible this position was for her!

I got this game, super excited to play with Isaac. Too bad he only wanted to play with Uncle Levi.

One of the few smiles we got out of him. Turns out he'd wanted to go fishing with first light of dawn.

Once we made the decision to go fishing, Isaac was happy as a clam and Ezra too! Tony made sure to get Ezra a Mickey Mouse pole.

The weather wasn't fabulous for us, but we made due!

Isaac wanted to catch "so many fish, so we can eat them!"

Ezra wanted to almost drop his pole in the water, so I baited him with animal crackers. It worked.

Isaac also got a little distracted, with the bait.

Ah, that smile.

And Isaac's first fish! Yes, his second first fish. And there will be another first fish when he actually casts to reel in his own.

Can you feel his excitement?

And the traditional fish kiss.

Naptime went really well on Saturday, thankfully! Isaac even started up top, but once Ezra went to sleep, he moved down to sleep closer to him.

And during most of it, I just wore Miri.

The boys love their cousin.

Daddy loving on his baby girl.

Finally, it was time for some s'mores.

Isaac had been waiting all day and Ezra didn't even know what he was getting into!

The good stuff.

Ezra was very happy with his treat!

Until he noticed how sticky his hands were!

We had so much fun camping! No, Memorial Day weather hasn't been the kindest to us, as the name of the game has been layering, but it hasn't gotten in the way of making great family memories!

Post Partum

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Let's call this my before picture. Baby girl is now 4 weeks old and I'm ready to feel strong and comfortable in my body again! I've started running and alternating with the 30 Day Shred. I know the scale pales in comparison to how I actually feel, but I'm
For the third time, I am in the position to lose the baby weight. Let me be the first to say, it is definitely a blessing! I would put on 100+ pounds if it meant being able to carry and birth a healthy child. Thankfully, it hasn't taken 100+, but with both boys it was just over 30+ and with Miriam 23 pounds. It was incredible to me that I gained almost 1/3 less with her pregnancy, as I thought I was healthy with both boys, but in changing my diet and staying active, it definitely showed what my body preferred. I felt amazing! And to be honest, I was a little over eager in assuming my weight loss would be just as smooth as my weight gain.

But it hasn't.

And I get it, no one wants to hear me complain about losing weight. Everyone tells me that it's only been six weeks. That I'm too hard on myself. Even that I need to watch the example I establish for my daughter. That I disrespect my body, which has been the vessel for three beautiful children.

It's just that I don't care if it's only been six weeks. I feel healthy. I feel ready. I am hard on myself and I know that, but if we don't establish high expectations for ourselves we'll settle for just about anything else. I welcomed being chastised about being my daughter's role model, because body image is definitely something to be conscious of and cultivate. I would not want to hinder Miriam's perception of herself, but I do want to exemplify strength to her!

I went shopping yesterday and couldn't find anything. And I do mean anything. I wasn't looking for cuts and styles that could maybe work until I lose the weight and then fit a smaller body. I was specifically looking for forgiving cuts, favorite colors and had no problem grabbing bigger sizes. As I commiserated with my friend Ashley, unfortunately there just isn't room in the budget for an all new post partum wardrobe, but one outfit? One outfit to feel confident, comfortable and a smidgen of pretty? Why does that have to be darn near impossible?

It's just highly irritating that I can't seem to voice this frustration without a pat on the head or an admonition. It's not like I expect to suddenly have a lithe body. I never have. I do however expect that if I'm putting the work in that I'll see a slight change, somewhere! Additionally, I'm just looking for one outfit that I feel comfortable in that doesn't involve an elastic waist band.
Big fat goose egg, strike out on my first post partum shopping trip. I hate when shopping isn't fun, especially when deals are to be had.

That one time.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

So there was that one time, when I was giving Miri a bath in her infant tub.

And I thought nothing of the fact that my phone was near the edge of the large bathtub.

Nothing of it as I drained the water from the infant tub.

Nothing of it, when Ezra joined us in the bathroom.

Nothing of it, until I saw the glow of my phone from just under the infant tub where the water was draining.

I put my phone in a bag of rice in an attempt to save it, but this morning, as the apple symbol cycled through, but my phone would not turn on, it was very clear it had no. To add insult to injury, the modem was out on our wireless and with Tony's construction in the basement, I couldn't find it to reset! Due to this, I head out of the house with all three kids, to drop Isaac off at preschool and to bring Ezra to my Mom's, unexpectedly. I nursed Miri there, before going to the Apple store to set up an appointment at the Genius Bar later in the day. Which meant I then went and picked up Isaac, brought him to my Mom's as well, before returning to the mall for my appointment! $200 later and I once again had a phone.

You best bet I'll think twice about having my phone near an empty tub again.

Miriam: One Month

Thursday, May 16, 2013

This life. This life is the one my heart has longed to live. Miriam, your arrival brought so much peace and an overwhelming feeling of contentedness.

You took hold of your mama, literally, from the very first seconds of your life.

We're not sure what our "complete" family looks like or what God has in store for us, but the majority of the time it looks like this, with your addition.

You shook off all of my anxiety about having a daughter . . . for about 1 hour and then it came back triple fold.
photo 1

You have two of the most devoted big brothers. And while they may be more accustomed to your presence now, they are enamored still the same.

You've already changed so much from when you were first born!

Within the first 6 hours, you looked spitting image of Isaac, but in some images look so similar to Ezra.

There are definitely similarities between us though, my dear daughter. Especially through your eyes and mouth.

You haven't given us too many smiles, even when sleeping, but my oh, my, when you do!

And daughter of mine, that hair! You so surprised us with that one, although in looking back at my baby pictures I had just as much, just as dark.

I, not so secretly, hope that you also share my blue eyes, but am trying to down play it.

I think I've taken a million pictures of you, especially on my phone, but how can I not when this is my view?
#mirijoy day 33
Love you to the moon and back, sweet girl.

Newlyborn vs One Month


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