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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Last week, I declared Friday the first ever Fontaine Family Fun Day! And honestly, up until Thursday afternoon, we didn't have the faintest clue what that looked like. The weather was so-so, so outdoor plans didn't seem like a great idea and finally settled on trying the MN Children's Museum for the first time.

The day started off great, with all parties sleeping until 7:00am.

Fontaine Family Fun Day is already off to a stellar start! Sleeping in until 7:00! Breakfast is next. :) ☕ #F3Day

We quickly got up and out the door for breakfast, which featured pancakes bigger than the plates! We were naturally the only family in the truck stop diner and while waiting, Tony drew Isaac a space shuttle, er looks like a fighter jet.
Coloring to pass the time while we waited on pancakes bigger than our heads. I ended up with a spicy sausage omelette and had to box half of it! #Daddydrawshouseswell #googleimagesFTW # #F3Day

We got to the Children's Museum by 10:00am and it was packed, which I'm sure it is every Friday. The boys had a blast and there were quite a few rowdy boys that made Isaac seem like a peaceful angel, so I appreciated that the most. ;)

We're all smiles after leaving the #mnchildrensmuseum! Nap time is next, Tony's going to work for a bit and them we'll be up for round two! #F3Day #thisshotwillgetmoredifficult #soontobefamilyof5

We wrapped up at the Children's Museum around 12:00pm and got Tony off to work for the afternoon, while the boys ate lunch and napped. Afterwards, we head back out for round 2, dinner and Legoland at the MOA. Always a hit with the boys, they then got a treat by splitting a sundae with Tony from the Crepe Stand.
Legoland was a sure fire hit at the MOA. It's well after bedtime, but the boys are splitting a strawberry, chocolate banana sundae from the Crepe Stand. Not without difficulty, hello hormones and annoying people, but we had a really solid first Fontaine F

Saturday morning my Mom and head out to Rosedale Mall for our traditional "Saturday before baby is born shopping trip." With both boys I'd ended up in labor and meeting them within 36 hours of leaving Rosedale . . . clearly this time not so much. :) We had a great time though!
Had a really great time checking off the traditional "last Saturday before baby" shopping trip with my Mom this morning, with both boys in tow. I met my sons within 36 hours of leaving Rosedale the last two times we made this trip.I don't think that will

I picked up this coming home outfit, with the coordinating blanket I made, after deciding that the other was just too big. Unfortunately MN has thrown us another curve ball and there is now a new cardigan and the addition of tights to combat the snow that that is currently falling, you know, if I actually have her any time soon.
#hospitalbag prepping with the #newborn #goinghomeoutfit. I'm slightly obsessed with all components! Headbands by @littletownboutique.

While we were out, Tony ripped out the stairs to the basement and put new ones in, because we couldn't be expecting a child without some major project going on in our house!
Naturally Tony would take the stairs to the basement when we're 10 days out from my due date. He's assured me they'll be done before we see her sweet face. Meanwhile, I deep cleaned the fridge! #goodthinghescute #DIY #nesting

It was a really great weekend, but emotionally, I was all over the place and really took it out on Tony. Yay rational/irrational pregnant wife! I'll choose to remember it fondly and I'm pretty sure Tony's forgiven me.


Erica said...

I love the blanket you made for her. Such pretty fabrics! Praying for you that she's here soon...and that your stairs are done soon, too!

Megan said...

Cute coming home outfit! And quite a match to your 39 week belly pic - I guess we know your style! :)


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