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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I keep feeling the urge to blog, but am entirely unsure what to write about. Our days are quite slow right now, which is not a complaint. Essentially the only thing really happening right now is little Miriam gaining weight, staring at her endlessly, and transitioning the boys [while dealing with cabin fever due to MN's endless winter].

The boys have continued to just love on their baby sister. Isaac is very considerate of her needs and 
tries to anticipate what she may want . . . like his Puppers. Another example would be when Miriam started crying with about 20 minutes to go before we got home, Isaac wanted to help, so he held her hand. Remarkably, she quieted and he stared adoringly at her the rest of the way home.
Courtesy of her biggest brother Isaac, #mirijoy enjoyed a little Puppers love this morning.#isaaclevi couldn't possibly be a better big brother. He has been so sweet, so loving, just incredible! On the way home from an errand, Miriam started to cry. Isaac did what he could and held her hand . . . And it worked! The look on his face says it all.

Ezra for his part just wants to kiss and kiss and kiss and sometimes hug her. The kissing is going great! The boys learned very quickly to not kiss her face, but to kiss her hair and forehead. The hugging though, well, let's just say that Ezra wants to really express his love.
Loving on "baby seester." #ezrajohn #siblings #proudbigbrother
I've really appreciated the small miracle of three children napping! Although, it did come with a cost . . . to get Isaac to just settle down and take his nap without a fight/waking Ezra up, I gave him one of Tony's fudgesicles after a great nap! Wouldn't you know, the next day he again went down without a fight, but he expected a fudgesicle upon waking up! I kind of think it's worth it, although I did tell him that a fudgesicle is not assumed for listening!
I don't know when to stop holding my breath. First day with all three kiddos and they're simultaneously napping. #familyof5 #Imaypassout #smallvictories

This whole never ending winter thing is entirely old. The boys and I went just.a.little. crazy last week and I had no reprieve in Tony or my Mom. Unfortunately our plans to have Tony work from home the first week were dashed when he was asked to come back to the office on Wednesday. To be fair though, he went back to work the day after we came from the hospital with both boys, so two days working from home was more than we had before! As for my Mom, she was exposed to the vaccinated form of chicken pox and was advised to not hold Miri. Even with the change in Tony's work schedule, I didn't feel comfortable bringing the boys to my Mom's for a break. It was a little difficult, but thankfully it's past us now! Those hard days, not the snow. The snow returned last night, but we've got 60's forecasted and it seems that we're finally, finally, finally going to shake winter! #Springisanoshow #yesanothersnowpicture #mnwx
We made it to church this past Sunday and I'm not entirely convinced I should be out in public yet, as my socialization skills are still a little rusty. Conversing at home with the wonderful friends and family who have visited and brought meals for us surprisingly go well, but I keep getting overwhelmed and tongue-tied outside of my house.
We all made it to church this morning! #familyof5 #fontainefive

And Miri, my sweet little Miri has just gone with the flow and fit her way quite seamlessly into our family. She still sleeps quite a bit throughout the day and eats really well and did from the first latch. Last night, she even gave me a 6 1/2 hour stretch of sleep! We last nursed at 11:30pm, so you can imagine my surprise when I woke up at 6:00am without seeing her precious face in between. I'm sure it was just a fluke, but I have no complaints!
Girl time. #mirijoy #mother #daughter
The favorite game of both sides of our family has been guessing whether she'll be keeping her blue eyes. Isaac's were a very slate, steely newborn blue that I knew from the beginning would eventually change. Ezra's were as brown as could be and there again, there was no questioning that they'd be dark. Miriam's are just blue enough to make me wonder, although I've positioned my heart to think that they're hazel. It's obviously such a trivial thing, but growing up, everyone commented on my blue eyes. They were my most memorable trait, well maybe that and my sassy attitude [woah, not looking forward to that potentially!], and it's just a little sad to know that they most likely will not be carried on through one of my children [at least in this generation!].

Life is good for this new family of five. Thankful through it all.


Joi said...

She's so beautiful, Leah! The way you handle three kids is an inspiration to me. Somedays just having one takes it out of me!

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

Knowing I'm not the only person who can't put together a sentence after I have a baby is oddly reassuring. I thought I was absolutely losing it. At least I'm not alone :) beautiful family. Glad I found you via ig ;)

Katie said...

Did you photoshop her eye color in that last photo? If not, my vote is that they will totally stay blue! Reminds me of Hans' eye color and his turned blue oddly enough (tom and I both have brown).

Unknown said...

Hoping and praying her eyes stay blue! They are stunning. Gabby's eyes are blue blue blue and it looks as though they are going to stay that way. Lucky ladies :)

Linnea said...

She is just beyond beautiful, Leah! Many blessings on your family.

And I, too, am encouraged by knowing I'm not the only person who gets tongue-tied lately - less sleep does that to an otherwise well-educated and verbose woman!

Julia Goolia said...

Love to hear about life with three! She is so precious, Leah. I know you are soaking it up---go snuggle that baby some more for me.


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