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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Well folks, historically, the #38weeks #babybump shot has been my last! With Ezra, I snapped one the morning he was born while laboring at 39w. I'm really hoping for the same situation this third go round! ps :: now that we're getting down to it, I'd cove
How far along: 38 weeks. [38w with Ezra, 38w with Isaac

How big is baby: Little miss is measuring in over 19 ½  inches and 6 ½ pounds.

Weight gain/loss: Added another lb, for 23lbs gain. Again, I just have to say how much I love eating paleo and how much easier I feel this pregnancy has been, once I got past the rough patch of Christmas.

Stretch marks: After two pregnancies, I somehow still don't have any.

Sleep: Still sleeping pretty well, but I have to have something between my legs. Pillows seem to crumple too much, so I’ve just been balling up an extra sheet and going with it. I slept awful Monday night, but thankfully got a solid nights sleep last night!  

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Well, I got my fish taco fix in! Unfortunately, as I said before, it’s not something I normally order, if ever, so somewhere between what I thought it would taste like and what I ate . . . it was a little disappointing, especially because I’m sure that’s why I slept so terribly Monday night.

Movement: My goodness this girl can stretch out in a small space.

What I'm loving: How much Tony and I, mainly Tony, got done around the house this weekend! Now, we just need to continue the effort.

Symptoms: Symptoms this week include something entirely different: contractions.

What I'm looking forward to: I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for a few weeks now! It’s going to be jam packed with fun, hopefully.
J I’ve taken Friday off for our Fontaine Family Fun Day! Unfortunately, this mama has dropped the ball on what that fun looks like. I originally figured we’d go to a local water park, but in remembering how sick our family got after the Dells, I took it off the table. It didn’t sound like a good plan to possibly have a sick family to welcome Baby Sweets. So . . . I’m kind of looking at a completely blank day, but we’re going to make it FUN!

Saturday, my Mom and I are going to go shopping, with the boys in tow. Just like we did the Saturday before Isaac was born and just like we did the Saturday before Ezra was born . . . We’ve got to atleast try to stick with tradition, right?!

Sunday, after church, my sweet sister-in-law Bethany is throwing me a little sprinkle with a few close friends. I’ve resisted asking her who is all coming, but I’m ridiculously excited to get the texts coming in from a couple of friends confirming that they’ll be there.

Best moment of the week: It could have been Isaac excitedly whispering to us, while reading his Easter book, “He’s not there!” while pointing to the empty cross. Man, something about that moment just really got me.

Or, a conversation Tony and I had last night while turning in for the night, our boys sleeping soundly. He said “I’m so excited and ready to meet our baby girl. Right now, with our boys, our life is so good. It’s complete, but to just think that in a matter of days, we’ll know her and once again wonder how we ever lived without her, I can’t wait.” And he’s so right.

There are so many little conversations that are happening at home that I treasure.

And my sweet Ezra, who’s just really starting to talk. The moments I’m loving the most with him are when I basically have him straddle my bump. Without fail, as he turns towards me, he gives me the biggest hug.

How I'm feeling: Um, if you read above, you know I’m feeling amazingly blessed, sentimental/emotional and ready.   

Appointment Update: I met with my midwife on Monday and I think we were both hopeful that with the addition of contractions that she'd have some exciting news to share. After my cervical check though, that was not the case. I'm about right on with both boys at this point. Baby girl is low, very low, my cervix is soft, but it's less than 1 cm dilated. 


Molly said...

Oh, I just can't wait for you to have this baby girl. SO excited for you guys!

Gina Horkey said...

Good luck!!

Kier said...

Super bummed that I can be in MN this weekend...but I will be home April 20-23! With food in tow, I hope to visit my favorite family of FIVE!

Oh man, I miss you guys so much...when do I get to move back to MN? Oh yeah, as soon as our house sells! ;)

Kier said...

Clearly, my previous comment should read, "super bummed that I CAN'T be in MN this weekend..."


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