Monday, March 25, 2013

This past weekend was just perfectly refreshing. We started out by celebrating a friend's birthday Friday evening with a dinner out with friends and were also basically acknowledging it as our last hurrah! Saturday morning we had to bring the Jeep in for some repairs and were short a vehicle the remainder of the weekend, but it didn't keep me down.

While I couldn't quite say that it was Spring working it's way into my veins, given that Minnesota and most of the country for that matter, hasn't gotten the memo to drop winter, but I was in a mood to nest! They say 3rd time is the charm and I was so thankful to actually have the time and opportunity to nest for the first time. Unlike when I was pregnant with Isaac and the nursery walls were barely drywalled, let alone painted or with Ezra when I didn't have a room to prepare for him or time either, since I shot my last wedding just two weeks before he was born, this time I'm prepping!
This is called "#nesting" and for the first time in three pregnancies I have the opportunity and TIME to participate. All of Isaac and Ezra's clothes have been sorted, 7 bags of assorted things to Goodwill and clothes prepped for consignment. #welcomespri

I was able to whittle down our clothing bins to one bin of things for Ezra to grow into of Isaac's. ONE. Space is a commodity in our house, even in storage, so I was flipping ecstatic! There were at least 7 bags to Goodwill and I have two bins all set and ready to go for consignment sales. It felt absolutely amazing.

Other than that, we got to see family a bit and spent quite a bit of time at home, doing things like Tickle Fights, piggy back races between Tony and I, Isaac asking me to dance with him while pretending to marry me and so many more moments that I will absolutely treasure.
Tickle fight time! #boymama

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Bekah said...

Looks like the perfect kind of weekend!


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