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Monday, March 4, 2013

Last week, the big news was that Isaac was no longer in a crib. Yes, this came as a surprise to many people that he'd been a crib up until last week. Imagine, an almost 4 year old in a crib. Tony and I really laid back in some aspects of parenting, one being "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." In this case, Isaac sleeping in the crib worked reasonably fine and Ezra seemed content as well . . . but, it was time for a change! So, this weekend, we initiated the process of getting both boys to sleep together in their room.

And, it was met with fair success.
We will see what the rest of the night holds, but for now, the impossible has taken place: both boys are asleep in the same room. #isaaclevi #ezrajohn #makingwayforbaby

Getting them both asleep was no small feat! Ezra usually falls asleep within minutes of being laid down, while Isaac chatters, plays and escapes his room for every reason under the sun until finally sleeping around 9:45. We're not sure what the best tactic will be. We first tried just laying them down awake, which worked, but was painful. We've also tried laying Ezra down first and trying to get Isaac to stay quiet and that proved largely unsuccessful at nap time yesterday, as Ezra slept for a bit, then Isaac woke him up, then Era kept Isaac awake and finally had to be removed from the room. The last option would be to to lay Isaac down and try to keep Ezra up until Isaac fell asleep, but I think both Tony and I know that is the least desirable.

Saturday night involved two wake ups from Ezra, where I essentially just had to retrieve his nuk and he happily rolled over and went back to sleep without waking Isaac up.

They were all smiles Sunday morning.
Smiles all around this morning, after the boys' first night together in their room! Two wake ups from Ezra, but Isaac stayed asleep. #boymama #siblings


Bekah said...

How dear! I am half dreading the first few nights in their shared room!

Jeannie said...

The room sharing proves; in our house to be challenging. One is waking the other; at all hours. But, that could just be due to the age difference. I hope you find a workable routine before your sweet girl arrives, but it's always great to start with success!!

emilyhansen said...

I'm sure you know this but our ladies share a room and it's delightful! Yes, one wakes the other up earlier than I would wish and yes, we hear them talking until late in the night but here's my thought: good! I love the bonding. I dreamed of having a sister to chat with late at night and now I get to hear the chatter of these two. It's a bit more effort (and our room is on the same level) but it's so worth it! Hope it's still going well!

Jill said...

I love this and I love that they did so well! This stresses me out a little when I was thinking about doing this... it's still a possibility if we stay in our current home and have another child... but it's hopeful to hear that it works.


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