Friday, March 29, 2013

A few good old "You know you're 9 months pregnant when . . ."
- You have to switch the razor to your left hand to shave your left ankle in order to reach.
- You can't not shave because of the itching!
- Pretty much everything makes you want to cry.
- You no longer care if what you're wearing constitutes an outfit, so long as you are clothed.
- You can't walk more than 15 feet outside of your home without someone commenting on the fact that you're still pregnant or how large your belly is.

Tony and I were on a roll for a good bit, but I think we've both forgotten how short of time we have! In the next 1 1/2 weeks we need to:
- Get my cameras and lenses into CPS for service.
- Pack the hospital bags and the over night bag for the boys.
- Install the carseats.
- Purchase a new pack and play.
- Wash Baby Sweet's clothes . . . although there's still about 5% of me listening to the adage "Keep the tags on."
- Finish Isaac and Ezra's Big Brother shirts.
Big brother shirts have commenced! #dontexpectanEtsysiteanytimesoon

And . . . there were other things, but my mind is too addled to remember.


Jen said...

Love the big brother shirts!

W said...

oh yeah, shaving. I've tried doing my bikini area twice during the third trimester. i think everything's going great until i step out of the shower, look in the mirror and see a crime scene. lol.

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

i love the shirts! i cannot believe baby girl will be here so soon. i'm sure it doesn't seem like to you, but your pregnancy has flown by.... to me! haha! :)


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