Monday, March 18, 2013

Remember when I blogged regularly? And commented on other blogs? And actually read other blogs? Jeez louise, last month I only managed to scrounge up 10 posts!

So here we go, a little Fontaine MishMash.

When Ezra was about 5 months old, the swing we were gifted when expecting Isaac called it kaputs. After several battery changes, it was the determined the motor had just given out. Considering how little Isaac was in the swing and that Ezra only used it those 5 months, it had a lot to do with Isaac as a 2+ year old loving to use it. We knew we would be in the market for a new one for Baby Sweets and I was so excited when my friend Sarah sent me a listing for a $140 Fisher Price swing on craigslist for $40! $40 you guys! Too bad we missed our opportunity on that one, but as it turned out, we were able to snag one last week for $50. I still feel like we overpaid $10, but am so thankful for such a nice swing at such a reduced cost.
So this happened tonight. After two babies, our previous swing completely crapped out on us . . . Enter craigslist, $50 for a $140 swing! #babyprep #herebeforeweknowit

It's a little surreal to see the swing in the living room, as it's the first of the baby gear to start making it's way out, just like when we were expecting Ezra.

That night, Isaac excitedly told us "I love it! I really, really, really love it!" He has been so sweet about expecting his baby sister. As usual the whole concept of time has proven a little difficult though, as he wants his sister here now. And as I've mentioned, Ezra is obsessed with babies. Even knowing that, neither Tony or I could handle it when he put his Lion in the swing, tucked it in with his blanket and start to sway while rocking the baby.

With a bit of sickness hanging out around our house, I ended up having to take two days off of work last week, Thursday and Friday. Once the decision was made, I tried to look at it, even though sick, as one of my last opportunities to really cherish time with my boys.
Sometimes, I just don't even know what to say. He's just too much.  #ezrajohn loving on his baby sister.

There were some challenging moments due to first Ezra being sick, but Isaac not and then vice versa, but it really was a sweet time together.
Full arms, smiles and a growing lil miss. What a blessed life, even if peppered with sickness this week. #blessed #soontobefamilyof5 #boysarecrazy
Additionally, Levi and Bethany were able to bring their puppy, Ralph home! He's a Duetsch Drahthaar and Levi is just a little bit in love.


Unknown said...

When i first saw your baby pic lying back on the pillow and smiling sweetly i was not able to scroll my mouse down...i was stuck at thta image..loved it:)
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Julie S. said...

what sweet boys you have! they will make fantastic brothers :)

Sarah Louise said...

So glade you were able to to snag that swing for $50! Maybe we will buy it from you when you are done so you don't feel like you overpaid :)


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