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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

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How far along: 34 weeks. [34 with Ezra, 34 with Isaac]

How big is baby: Little miss is measuring in at 17.2 inches and 4.2 pounds.

Weight gain/loss: Down a pound, at 21 lbs.

Stretch marks: After two pregnancies, I somehow still don't have any.

Sleep: Sleep. I actually remember what it is again. Isaac and Ezra are doing pretty well with sharing a room, so that’s been amazing. I’ve made sure my water intake is high to avoid leg cramps and I quit walking stairs a few weeks ago, so the  pelvic pain that was nightly waking me has disappeared.  

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: I seem to be eating a lot of food with Mexican flavors. It seems to be the only thing that’s really flavorful and worth it, but I’m also really getting sick of it.

Movement: We’re transitioning from kicks to rolls and pushes.

What I'm loving: That we actually got the boys into their room, you know, before this little miss was born. We’re just not great at transitions, so it’s a HUGE win.

Symptoms: Primarily moodiness.

What I'm looking forward to: Shooting two engagement sessions and a 6 month session this weekend, as they’re my last sessions!

Best moment of the week: Tony initiated the baby names conversation the last two nights and it’s been very sweet. We never really “discussed” names with Isaac and Ezra, I just compiled a list and made sure a name had Tony’s approval to stay on the list. Hearing him mull over pros and cons, as well as question spelling and middle name pairing has just made me appreciate him all the more.

How I'm feeling: Today, I’m feeling annoyed and just pretty much peeved. I’m trying to keep perspective. Hopefully tomorrow will bring a better attitude. 


Jill said...

You look great and I love that the name conversation is happening! I can't wait to see what this little bean is named!

Sarah said...

Oh Leah! You look so amazing!

Melissa said...

hope tomorrow is a better day!
so awesome that the boys are in the same room- big win!
and still impressed you are doing a weekly baby bump post :) where do you have the time girl?


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