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Monday, February 25, 2013

This past weekend Tony was home not only Friday night, but Saturday and Sunday night! That literally hasn't happened since Levi's wedding in November.

And Tony knew just what he wanted to do with his time.

It involved, this guy.
As if he wasn't happy enough to just have more time with his Dad now that hockey season is winding down. My big/little handyman! #daddyletsbashsomewalls #isaaclevi

Spending time together in our basement, getting rid of our "walls of death" by way of "bashing walls."
Another one of those moments @fontainenine has been dreaming of since we heard the words, "It's a boy!" #boymama #littlehelper

Needless to say, Tony loved the help and Isaac enjoyed every.single.second of it as well.

annnnnnnnd their mess.

Meanwhile, I had a couple of sessions and spent a fair amount of time with Ezra. And let me tell you, this child seems born to be a big brother. He is obsessed with babies!
#widn: uploading Charlie's 6 month session with Ezra in my lap. I couldn't shake him. This boy is obsessed with babies. Tagged by @sovvvy Tagging: @mamaathomeblog @labuenavidamere @navigatingthemothership @tara_oliver

The only real downside to this weekend was the very apparent fact that I'm just over food. I don't want to shop for it, prep it or cook it, because 95% of what I eat doesn't taste as great as it should.
I am SO over food. Green protein smoothie was about all I could stomach tonight. #pregnantgirlproblems #32weeks #fitpregnancy

To round out the weekend, I spent a couple of hours at my Mom's wasting fabric on two poorly sewn receiving blankets. We did so much better when we made Ezra's! But they're done.
Here we go . . . #sewingforbeginners


Chrisduh said...

Ok first of all that first picture of I... You have to frame or do something with it. He is to precious for words with that little stance of his!!
Secondly you are WAY to hard on your self lol I got the balls to pull our my sewing machine this weekend and attempt to make Crib Sheets for this little girl I am cooking (a couple weeks behind you) and I was super proud I walked away without bleeding!! Those blankets and lovies you produced with your Mom for Ezra are insane!!! I love them. So shh ;)

Jill said...

Isaac is so handsome and looks so excited to work with daddy in the basement! How fun for them!

Also... sewing. It can be so fun but yet so frustrating at the same time! :( Sorry it wasn't what you were expecting!

Bekah said...

Oh gosh - The pictures of Isaac and Tony are adorable. What a sweet time for them.

Jeannie said...

I'm dying over the tape measure on Isaac's belt loops!! LOVE IT!! Henry got a toolbelt a year or so and loves to just wear it around; and 'work' on things around the house :) What a great daddy/boy moment!


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