His Own Bed

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Last night, Isaac finally transitioned from his crib [finally] to a twin bed. Tony and I compromised on the Cars bedding, with Cars sheets. I figured, eh, it's a win/win. He'll be happy with the sheets and I don't have to look at a character emblazoned comforter! Oh and total win, I got to go to Target by myself.
At Target, by myself. I'd be pinching myself if I only were buying something for myself, still pretty excited for my big guy moving on up to a twin bed tonight!

Getting the bed set up . . . well, it was a tad bit exciting. Isaac and Ezra weren't too thrilled when we separated them. Isaac was convinced he was going to share his bed with Ezra.
Just a couple hours after bedtime . . . The excitement level is high, as you can tell! We'll see how this goes after little brother is extracted. #isaaclevi #boymama

Once we got them separated, Isaac's energy was still running high, but he settled in and I appeased him with promising soon Ezra would be sleeping next to him in the crib.
Our first born. In his first bed. Man, isn't that a milestone. God speed, little man. Sweet dreams.

There's just something about seeing your first born in a big bed. I hadn't quite got it everytime I saw the images shared by friends, but last night I got it.

There were a few minor issues, like his concern in how he should get out to go to the bathroom. He'd been climbing out of the crib for at least a year . . . but now faced with easily sliding out of the bed, he just didn't know how to handle it. Oh, the mind of almost 4 year old!


Jill said...

That's so fun and so scary at the same time. We've talked about switching Coen into a toddler bed, but I'm just not ready. Your sheet options would be my problem too... not huge on characters but what you did was great!

Can't believe he's in a big boy bed!

themurrayfamily said...

Isn't this age amazing?? (not always the positive aspect of amazing, I might add) The night we switched the big girl into her big girl bed... the tears! (from me, not her) Then we did it with the second girl and the tears came again, from her not me. ha ha. Best wishes for a great transition!!

Bekah said...

way to go Isaac! Sometimes I still look at Jack in his big boy bed and think that he looks so tiny.

Sarah said...

Wow! He stayed in his crib for a long time! We just moved Aubrey last week and she just turned 2. She was climbing out and it was too dangerous to let her keep doing it. Hopefully the transition went well!

Julia Goolia said...

Had no idea he was still in a crib! And we totally did the 'cute sheets but plain comforter' thing, too. Good call, lady.

Such a milestone.

Amy said...

We have been looking for a plain navy comforter for our little guy for a while. would you mind sharing the details? Love the look!


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